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Happy Gold EA is a safe and profitable trading bot that works on a breakout strategy on the Gold (XAUUSD) asset. Uses Stop Loss protection. Verified by MyFxbook. Without martingale and grid.

  • Happy Gold EA for MT4
  • Lifetime unlimited license without subscription
  • Detailed instruction – how to install and use
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What is Happy Gold EA?

Happy Gold employs a blend of swing and news-driven strategies, enhanced by a customized ZigZag indicator. This unique approach proves most effective when applied to the XAUUSD trading pair across M15, M30, H1, and H4 timeframes. The customized ZigZag indicator diligently traces and links significant chart peaks and troughs, ensuring that the gap between these points remains equal to or exceeds the specified percentage on the price scale.

Employing a meticulous 99.90% optimization within the MetaTrader platform, we prioritize optimal stability and lucrative results. Our strategy maintains a maximum of one active trade at any given time, underpinned by a rigid stop-loss set at -24 pips. Additionally, the take-profit thresholds are dynamically adjusted based on prevailing market sentiment, enhancing adaptability to changing conditions.

Happy Gold EA MyFxbook monitoring 1


Happy Gold EA MyFxbook monitoring 2


Happy Gold EA key features

  • Trading strategy: around the clock trading on the trend (Scalping strategy and Swing level breakout strategy)
  • Platform for tading: MT4 (MetaTrader 4)
  • No martingale, no grid
  • Uses Stop Loss protection
  • Trading asset: XAUUSD (GOLD)
  • Timeframe for trading: M30
  • Minimum deposit to start trading: $100
  • Leverage 1:30 and more

Scalping Strategy - EA Happy Gold Test

Swing Strategy - Happy Gold EA Test


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Happy Gold EA

Unlock Gold’s Potential with Happy Gold EA!

Are you ready to harness the power of cutting-edge trading technology? Look no further than the Happy Gold EA – your key to unlocking the immense potential of the XAUUSD trading pair.

💰 Profitable Strategies:

Happy Gold EA combines swing and news-driven strategies with precision, supercharged by a tailor-made ZigZag indicator. This dynamic fusion has proven its prowess on the M15, M30, H1, and H4 timeframes, delivering results that truly stand out.

📈 Strategic Precision:

Our custom ZigZag indicator is the driving force behind our success. It meticulously identifies and connects significant peaks and troughs on the chart, ensuring that the gap between these points adheres to or surpasses your specified price scale percentage.

🛡️ Risk Management:

Prioritizing stability and gains, we’ve left nothing to chance. With a meticulous 99.90% optimization on the MetaTrader 4 platform, we’ve fine-tuned our strategy for maximum impact. Enjoy the security of a single active trade at any moment, safeguarded by a firm -24 pip stop-loss.

🚀 Adaptability Redefined:

The market’s sentiment can shift in the blink of an eye. That’s why we dynamically adjust take-profit levels based on prevailing market conditions. This ensures that you stay ahead of the game, no matter how quickly things change.

🔒 Protected and Powerful:

Happy Gold EA operates on MT4, providing a secure and reliable trading platform. No martingale, no grid – just a smart approach to trading.

🪙 Start with Ease:

You don’t need a fortune to start. With a minimum deposit of $100 and a leverage of 1:30 and more, you can dive into the world of gold trading without breaking the bank.

Unleash the true potential of gold trading with Happy Gold EA. Get started today and experience trading like never before!


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