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Professional and multi-currency robot scalper for round-the-clock trading on M5. High profitability. For the MT4 platform.

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Automatic Forex robot trader


This is a robot that can bring in more than 1000% per year!

These are the results of trading robots in reality. Evaluate the real capabilities of the software!

These are the results of trading robots in reality:

THE BIG FISH robot for currencies

Not only a good profit, but also careful protection of your capital!

Control of slippage

This Forex robot trader filters all deals and does not allow transactions with large price slippage.

Spread filter

This robot does not allow trading when the market spread widens and trading becomes unprofitable for a person.

Stop Loss System

If something goes wrong, the robot for Forex cuts losses so that the user does not get a big loss.

Money management

This robot for currencies calculates the amount of risk for each deal. In parallel with the growth, the size of deals increases.

Trend filter

This is a trend system and the Forex robot works only in the direction of the market trend - this is the safest tactic!


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

Real trading – real profit!

The BIG FISH Forex robot work completely automatically. This is the result of testing this profitable Forex robot:

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How to start?

How The BIG FISH works?

All deals are protected

The BIG FISH FX robot uses Stop Loss protection for every trade, so your account will always be protected.

Best assets

Trading is conducted only on stable and liquid assets, so you will not encounter any non-market surprises!

Easy to use

Using this FX robot is very simple - you need to put it in the chat window and click on the trade button.

To minimize losses

If the market moves in the opposite direction, the deal will be closed at the first opportunity before the SL level is touched.

High profitability

THE BIG FISH Forex robot trader can bring more than 10-20% profit per month – it is a great tool for increasing your trading capital!

Сreate a portfolio

The BIG FISH Forex EA can work together with other trading robots! This will help you significantly diversify your trading results!

Trend is our friend

BIG FISH trading Forex software analyzes the trend and trades only in the direction of the main market trend.

Scalping technology

Trading EA BIG FISH uses a scalping strategy – the most effective way to trade on the Forex market.

Without a martingale

Our trading EA BIG FISH does not use dangerous strategies – martingale. The strategy of this robot is safe and profitable!

User reviews:

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This is quite an excellent trading robot! I recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their trading portfolio! It gives the best results on the USDJPY currency pair (about 50% of the total result). It works less actively on all other currency pairs.
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This is a profitable program, but it doesn't work very often. I don't understand anything about trading and how exactly it should work. Profitability suits me – about 10% per month. However, I would like the program to work more often!
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This robot is the most profitable expert Advisor with minimal risk. It trades in the direction of the trend and this is a guarantee of its effectiveness. I recommend it to all new users because my monthly profit is at least 5% of the size of my capital. Sometimes profitability reaches 50% per month!
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This is a very good software. They helped me install it on the platform and then this program works automatically. Profitability pleases me. That's about $2,000 a month.
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This is probably the best program you can install on your trading account. I tried other works on my account and the best one turned out to be THE BIG FISH!

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Why do you need a Forex robot trader?

Surely you, too, like millions of other people, want to take your big piece of profit from the daily turnover of the foreign exchange market?! If you do not know how to trade professionally using manual strategies, then you have only one option left – to use Forex robot trader, which will trade automatically and bring profit for you automatically, too.
We agree, there is still an option to invest in various promising assets, but usually the investment income is very small and you are unlikely to be satisfied with the results of such investments. In general, you need a good robot for currencies, which is able to bring from 10 to 100% profit per month. We will talk about this possibility now.

Automatic Forex robot trader

Benefits of automatic trading:

First of all, let’s start with the advantages that you get if you chose such a type of financial trading as automatic trading and bought yourself one or more robots for currencies. So:

my robot for currencies
It doesn’t matter if you have no experience

The Forex trading robot is programmed for fully automatic trading and it does not matter whether you have experience or not, this program will independently analyze the market and earn money for you automatically. So, if you want to earn income in the foreign exchange market, but you do not have the experience and necessary knowledge for this, it does not matter!! Robot for Forex is your successful solution!

my robot for Forex
Multiplication of free capital

If you have a few hundred or a few thousand available money, make it work for you. The trading robot will be able to multiply these funds several times! This is a great opportunity to manage your capital wisely! Ensure the growth of your money and get a lot more in a short time! This is much better than just investing, keeping money on deposit or keeping it under the mattress!

You can write a lot of advantages of automatic trading and using a trading robot at home, but these two factors that we described above are quite enough! Don’t you have any experience? The trading robot will earn money instead of you! And you can start with a small deposit – the trading robot will increase your funds and make you rich! Agree – these are excellent conditions!

The results of Forex robot software and what determines the size of their profits?

So, first of all, let’s start with how much you can earn with the help of automated trading experts. After all, in order to understand whether you need such a miracle on your trading platform or not, you need to understand what Forex software is capable of.

An example of capital increase using a robot for currencies

There are trading robots that can bring from 10% to more than 100% profit per month. The profitability of this software depends on the following factors:

Dependence on the trading strategy they use

This is probably one of the most important factors that affects the size of the profitability of Forex robots traders. There are strategies that can bring you only 1% – 10% per month. These are usually trend strategies and positional trading with long-term goals. The profitability is small, but the size of the risks is also small.
Also, there are strategies that bring about 10% – 100% per month. These are scalping, martingale and grid strategies. Such robots for currencies are more dangerous for your deposit, but also give a significant result, for which many risk.
It is impossible to say which strategy is better. Therefore, we advise you to combine different trading strategies and create a real trading portfolio, which will consist of different robot traders who use completely different trading strategies. This way you will significantly diversify your results and will be able to cover the bad results of some programs at the expense of the good results of other programs.

Dependence on the amount of risk in each deal of the Forex trading robot

Another factor on which the final result of your expert will depend is the size of the risk. To be more precise, the size of the deal that it will work with. If you have a large amount of capital, but the expert will trade a small lot size, then the percentage result of profit will also be small. For example, if you have a capital of $ 10,000 and a trading robot will trade with a transaction size of 0.01, then no matter how hard it tries, it will not be able to earn more than 1% per month.
If you make transactions with a capital size of $ 10,000 in the size of 0.1 – 0.5 lots, then the profitability of the expert will be significantly higher and can bring about 30-100% profit per month.
However, every time you decide which lot size to use for trading, you need to understand that the larger the lot size, the more you risk your money. Because a loss-making deal on a lot size of 0.01 will not bring much harm to your deposit. Whereas, a deal with the size of 1 lot will be fatal for your deposit! If something goes wrong, you can make your deposit 2 times less or destroy it altogether!

low risk Forex robot
Dependence on the leverage provided by your broker

This is another factor that depends more on your broker than on you personally or your Forexrobottrader. If your broker gives a good leverage of 1:100 or more, then your capital in the account becomes conditionally larger. In simple words, when a transaction is made, the broker adds even more capital to it and then (if the transaction size is larger, then the profit becomes larger). Especially large leverage is necessary for those who do not have a lot of money in their account. To make you understand the role of leverage correctly, let’s give an example.You will get the same results if your Forex robot trades:

  • Leverage 1:100 – lot size 0.01 for capital of $10000


  • Leverage 1:500 – lot size 0.01 for capital of $2000
my automatic Forex robot trader

Thus, you may have 5 times less money in your account, and you will receive the same amount of profit. It all depends on the leverage of your broker. The higher it is, the higher the profit will be in transactions with the same lot size. For example, the ICMarkets brokerage company gives a leverage of 1:500 for deposits of $200 or more. A good option to start, agree!?

Example of trading robot deals on the platform:

forex robot deals

How does robot Forex work?

Now that you understand what your trading result will depend on, let’s say a few words about exactly how robot for currencies works, including Forex robot The Big Fish, which is sold on this page.
So, Forex robot software has access to the financial market through a platform that is connected to the broker’s server. Thus, any trading robot that trades on your platform independently enters the financial market on your behalf and makes transactions on your behalf. Now for more details.
So, any brokerage company is an intermediary that is located between the financial market and the trader. The broker gives you access to this market through its trading platform. And technically, there is no difference for a broker who exactly trades in this market – you or your Forex robot software.

To enter the market, a broker can give you completely different trading conditions. Which conditions to use for trading, the trader decides on his own when he chooses a specific type of account on the broker’s website.

As a rule, it is better to choose a trading account with a small floating spread and a large leverage of 1:500. We said above that there is a broker ICMarkets, which can provide you with these good trading conditions.
If you use Robotforex, then you need to install it in the trading platform that the broker gives you to enter the market. These are usually the Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 platforms (the most common forex trading platforms in the world).
Such a platform has a gateway for connecting between you (or your robot for Forex) and the broker’s server.

How does Forex robot trade? It’s easy! It analyzes the quotation chart on which it is set in accordance with the rules of the trading strategy (which is programmed in it) and makes trades. If the strategy is good and profitable, then you will make a profit. Also, the riskiness of the strategy used also plays a big role. If the strategy is low risk, then you will make a profit with almost no risk. Everything is logical!))
What market does Forex robot software trade in? This, as you probably understood, is the foreign exchange market. However, here the concepts and definitions are very vague. The thing is that modern Forex brokers give their clients access not only to the foreign exchange market, but also to the cryptocurrency market, the market of metals, commodities, stock indices and company shares. Thus, when you have registered on the Forex broker’s website, you can trade in almost any market. However, of course, the main specialization of such brokers is currencies. Therefore, first of all you get direct access to trading on currencies (currency pairs).

What do robot for currencies look like?

This is a regular program file that cannot work on its own. In order for such a program to work, it must be installed on the platform of the broker from whom you have opened a trading account. Here, we hope, everything is clear.
Inside such a program there is a program code through which traders and programmers have described a strategy by which a Forex trading robot analyzes a quote chart, opens and closes transactions and performs a number of other functions (money management, filter system, etc.).
Thus, if there is a grid trading strategy inside robot for currencies, then the Expert Advisor will build grids of orders that will bring you profit (let’s call it a mathematical strategy).
If there is a scalping strategy inside the automatic Expert Advisor for Forex, then it will scalp quotes, collecting grains of profit points from price waves. Etc.

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  1. Harvie S

    The EA makes few trades, but when it finally starts trading, it is very dangerous. It does not use martingale, but makes some kind of grid of several orders. However, it brings profit.

  2. Anna S

    This is a very underrated robot! I kike it EA! If you use on an ECN account, the results will be great!

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