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Time-tested trading robot. Automatic trading. Verified by MyFxbook. Easy to use and very profitable.

  • Waka Waka EA for MT4
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Time-tested automated trading Advisor

What proves that WAKA WAKA EA is really super profitable?

It is verified by MyFxbook. This is an independent third party that monitors all trading activities of this Expert Advisor

waka waka myfxbook

Waka Waka EA MyFxbook monitoring perfectly show the real profitability of this EA. Anyone who does not trust empty words, I can make sure that this is the pure truth. Now some information about the Waka Waka EA trading strategy.


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

Trading Tactics of Waka Waka Expert Advisor

The developer of this Forex software has made sure that the WAKA WAKA trading robot makes very, very accurate trades. It opens a new order at the moment when the price reaches the maximum overbought / oversold level and moves as far as possible from the volatility boundaries according to the Bollinger Bands indicator.
This Expert Advisor uses soft averaging and adds new trades only in places with almost 100% reversal guarantee. This allows you to be sure that nothing bad will happen to your trading capital. The main thing is to follow the rules of money management. They are described in detail in the installation and configuration instructions that each purchaser of this software receives.

EA Waka Waka test results

So, you could see the real trading results of Waka Waka EA MyFxbook above. But there is still such an important indicator as the results of testing a trading robot. This allows us to see profitability statistics that go beyond LIVE monitoring.
As for the tests of this trading robot, they show us excellent performance. The size of the user’s trading capital is growing in giant steps. See for yourself:

Now summing up all the benefits of Waka Waka EA:
Waka Waka EA

Sniper Accuracy

The Waka Waka EA trading robot makes very accurate trades. This means that you will receive a good profit and a minimum of losses.

Super profitability

This Forex expert gives excellent profits. Earn thousands of percent of profit fully automatically. Your capital will grow rapidly!

Safe for capital

Waka Waka EA uses a smart money management system and provides good security for your capital. You can adjust the level of risk yourself.

Easy to use

Installing Waka Waka EA will only take you a few minutes. Further, it works fully automatically and does not require supervision.

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  1. Derek M

    This is one of the best robots on this site and in the world at the moment! Great price!! I buy it without hesitation!

  2. Mishka F

    Really cool bot!! I advise everyone! I buy!!!

  3. Philippe M

    This is a very stable Expert Advisor. Every day profit with a minimum trading drawdown. My recommendations

  4. Luca P

    This is a legend! I’m very glad I bought it!

  5. Simon L

    This is an ingenious Forex algorithmic software!

  6. FelixReM

    This gives a stable profit, but it seems to me that Waka Waka EA is dangerous. I will keep a close eye on this automated trading!

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