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This is a multi-currency trading robot (8 assets to trade) FTMO / Prop Firms passed. For MT4 platform. Good profitability. Low trading drawdown.

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Trading Robot

Best passing for:

and other Prop Firm challenge

Meet QUIKER trading robot!

How does the QUIKER trading robot work?

The QUIKER trading robot system is super-safe. It does not use grider tactics and martingale. Only safe working styles! Maximum 1 trade for 1 instrument at the same time! Of course, every deals is protected by SL. This way you get the minimum DD!

QUIKER trading robot works in quiet time. Calm (almost horizontal) market allow the QUIKER build the correct channels in which it perform a trading. The trading robot makes a SELL during a rebound from the upper border, he makes BUY during a rebound from the lower border of the channel. Calm and profitable trading with a minimum DD% is exactly what every user is looking for!

Let’s repeat once again – the QUIKER does not use the grid and does not use martingale. It only trades 1 trade at a time. So, he will never blow up your account!

Of course, in this style of trading, the QUIKER trading robot uses a lot of modern technologies:

Benefits of the QUIKER trading robot:

Minimum DD

QUIKER trading robot works with a minimum trading drawdown of about 5%. This means that while trading, your risks are minimal!

Good earnings

The profitability of the QUIKER trading bot is about 300-800% per year (depending on the amount of risk that you choose in the manual settings).

Uses SL

If something went wrong, the QUIKER trading robot cuts losses and closes deals. He will not wait until the losses are large.

Without grid and martingale

This trading robot does not use a grid and does not use martingale. His trading tactic is safe for your account!

Best passing for:

and other Prop Firm challenge

In this trading robot, you can set the size of the maximum DD (for example, a maximum of 5% daily DD) and other important parameters for passing the challenges.

You can adjust all important rules in manual settings:


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

Quicker robot test statistics on different assets:

All of these instruments (demonstrated below) can be combined on one account. In this way, you can create your own widely diversified portfolio with good income and adjust the maximum DD% parameters for it.









Usability of QUIKER trading robot:

Automatic news filter

QUIKER makes independent requests to macro-financial sites and stops trading before, during and after important macroeconomic news. Thus, it does not trade during market shocks.

Automatic MM

QUIKER trading robot independently regulates the amount of risk. You don’t need to switch anything yourself. The capital will grow and in parallel QUIKER will increase trading volumes.

Determining the best time to trade

The QUIKER trading robot independently chooses the best time to trade. It will determine the time on its own and you do not need to make anything in its manual settings.

Automatic setup without set-files

This trading robot independently adjusts its trading parameters. You don’t need to use special set-files. Just drag and drop it onto the chart window and click the “OK” button.

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    This is a great robot and makes very accurate trades, but these trades are few. Need more!

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