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Gain: +3,745.17%

Drawdown: 4.78%

Monthly: 13.12%

Balance: $ 11,178.78

Profit: $ 24,347.49

Withdrawals: $ 13,168.71

Updated: Live

Tracking: 929

Look at this growth dynamics and you will understand why many traders choose the Enslaver trading robot. Good account growth and minimal trading drawdown are two main indicators that indicate that this automated trading software is worthy of your attention. You can use it for private trading or on Prop Firms websites. Either way, you will be pleased with your results!

Automatic trading

Trade on full autopilot!

Trading on full autopilot using our "Enslaver" automated trading bot is the dream of any beginner and even professional trader! Just click on the "Auto Trading" button and you will receive professional trading from a smart algo bot that will never get tired of making money online for you! Do you want to earn more than 500% every year? Then our trading robot is exactly what you need! Try it today and get your first percentage growth in the near future!

Key Features

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  • Assets for trading: XAUUSD (GOLD), GBPUSD, AUDCAD, EURGBP, EURAUD and others
  • Timeframe for trading: M5
  • Leverage: 1:30 or more
  • Recommended account size to start: $500 or more
  • Complies with Prop Firm rules
  • Trading activity: around the clock
  • Trading strategy: trading on the trend and against the trend
  • Using the news filter
Trading bot enslaver

Automated trading Bot

Works with almost any Prop Firm

If you are trying your hand at Prop Firms websites, then take our trading robot! We checked - it works! Our users say that "Enslaver" algorithmic bot easily passes any challenge from most Prop Firms. Check it out for yourself and start your career as a Fund trader today!

Automated trading Bot

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How it works?

Trading strategy of the Enslaver Bot

Intelligent market scanning

This trading robot scans the market and finds the best moments to start trading. This software catches price reversals after sudden movements. Using special technical indicators for market analysis, we have achieved more than 95% accuracy for each deal!

Minimum trading drawdown

Do you want to trade with minimal trading drawdown? Then grab this bot quickly! You can use the extra security mode and trade with a maximum drawdown of no more than 5%. It's very safe and will make you happy!

Using trailing stops

How to get maximum profit for each trade? A good strategy and trailing stops, with the help of which our trading robot achieves the best results for each trading operation. This highly efficient algorithm will easily give you additional profit points every day!

Excellent efficiency

Get from 5% to 100% growth every month. Imagine how quickly your account will grow if you use this automated trading software for 1 year or more?! Feel cool with our trading bot! You definitely deserve it!

Automatic money management

Not sure what size of a trading lot to use to get good trading results with minimal risk? Our trading robot will calculate everything automatically! You don't need to do anything extra! The algorithmic money management of our software will demonstrate its effectiveness in practice!

Suitable for almost any asset

You can use our trading robot for almost any asset. We recommend using this software for currency pairs. However, you can check - it works great on Gold and other popular assets!

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Extended license

You can use this trading bot on any number of platforms and accounts without restrictions. You don't need to buy new licenses or pay more!

Easy to use

This automated trading software is easy to install. Even a beginner can do this task. Don't worry, you can do it too! Installation will only take you a few minutes!

Automatic configuration

This trading bot is ready to use without any additional configuration on the part of the user. This software configures itself automatically depending on the asset you are using it on.

Minimum requirements to start

You don't need to raise a lot of capital to start. All you need is $500 to get started! In simple words - any novice trader can use this trading bot!

Best buy forever

One payment without subscription! Get this software for life!

Enslaver Trading Bot
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Enslaver Trading Software
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Trading bot enslaver

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