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Multicurrency robot. Uses 2 different trading strategies. Works on M5 (reverse strategy) and H1 (trend strategy). Large portfolio of assets. For MT4 and MT5.

  • HS COMPLEX EA for MT4 and MT5
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It's not magic, but...

...we have developed a trading robot that will help anyone turn their home computer into an online money making machine!

Developed for the most popular platforms:

2 trading robots in 1

So, the HS COMPLEX trading robot supports two different strategies (in simple words, these are 2 different trading robots in 1). Let's describe in more detail how it works

Power Trend System

The first trading robot uses a trend-following system. Works around the clock. A loss limiting algorithm is used. Works on 10 different assets.

Channel Reversal system

The second trading robot uses a channel reversal system. Works during the American and Asian sessions. Works on 12 different assets.

Results of HS COMPLEX

Power Trend System

Channel Reversal System

Channel Reversal System

How it works?

2 trading robots in 1

Power Trend System

This system operates around the clock. The trading robot waits for a rollback against the main trend and makes trades in the direction of the trend continuation. The levels of the mathematical Fibonacci sequence are used as the main reference points. The level to start trading is level “0”. The level for fixing the result is the level “50” according to the scale of the mathematical Fibonacci sequence.

Channel Reversal System

The system works during the American and Asian sessions. The trading robot waits for the price to reach the extreme border of the channel and makes trades for a reversal back towards the center of the channel. The levels of the mathematical Fibonacci sequence are used as a guideline. Level “61.8” is a reversal level, level “0” is used to fix the result.

Video - how does it work on the chart?

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trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

Test results of HS COMPLEX

Power trend system - period 2013-2023







Channel Reversal System - period 2013-2023









Benefits for you:

2 strategies in 1 trading robot

You get 2 systems that work independently of each other. This is a great diversification and 2 times more money!

Fully automatic operation

This trading robot works fully automatically. You only need to install it. Then the system works independently.

Hard risk limitation

If something goes wrong, the trading robot cuts losses and continues to make money for you! It is a fully automatic management system.

Maximum Reliability

Two systems in 1 and an excellent trading algorithm will work effectively. This is a proven system for many years of productive work!

2 reviews for HS COMPLEX EA

  1. Fernando F

    This gives a good profit, but there was a big trading drawdown recently. I like the trend system better. The reverse works only in the Asian session. The trend system works around the clock.

  2. Hugo T

    Gives variable results. Sometimes a lot of profit, sometimes a lot of loss. I give no more than 3 stars.

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