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Use more than 30 currency pairs and 4 timeframes for trading

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Trading with low drawdown and high profit on Price Action strategy!

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Trades on 30 different currency pairs, applies two different strategies

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Good percentage growth of the trading account, tested on long period of time

How does it work?

When creating automated trading algorithms, we never use dangerous methods of money management, such as martingale, averaging or locking!

All trading algorithms we optimize and check for performance on all available history quotes with an accuracy of 99.9%

Our trading systems work on clean, professional-created software codes, without errors, without failures and bugs!

All trading operations of our robots are protected by Stop-Loss orders, which significantly reduces risks and prevents large capital losses!

For real trading we always use a wide range of assets, due to which we are well diversified trading risks!

We always use filters of spread, slippage and volatility, so our robots trade only under optimal market conditions!

We accept payments from most popular systems!