Professional software with artificial intelligence

ready-made trading systems with a self-optimization© algorithm

We have created a unique artificial intelligence technology for market analysis

Our indicators can think better than any professional trader!

Using a self-optimization algorithm©, the indicator adjusts its trading parameters in accordance with the dynamics of price movement. Therefore, the trading strategy in the indicator will always be relevant.

The indicator analyzes not one currency pair, but the entire market basket at once. Thus, you can see the real strength of the currency relative to the entire market.

The indicator independently selects the best parameters for trading, calculates their effectiveness at various time intervals, and shows the trader how to trade in order to get the maximum profit.

Each trading signal the indicator gives in the form of arrows, pop-ups and sound messages. You can receive signals on your mobile phone and engage in trading at any time and anywhere via the MetaTrader mobile app.


For example, this is the PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER indicator.It detects divergences and convergences in the market, gives signals for trading, and calculates the profitability of this strategy. All you need to do – is trade and make a profit!

How the indicator works

Real trading with this indicator


This is our development – the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator

It adjusts to the market and gives signals for trading on the channel strategy.  Use these signals and make money every day!

How the indicator works

Real trading with this indicator



An exclusive trading system based on the gravitational force of the market is our INDEX GRAVITY SYSTEM indicator. The indicator will give you the best signals for trading – take and make money!


A little about the indicator

The indicator generates a strength index for each currency based on data from the entire market basket.

Using a self-optimization algorithm, the indicator selects the most effective parameters for trading.

The indicator gives signals for trading. All you need to do is make deals and take profits!

How does it work?


Need to quickly increase the size of your trading account? Then you need an indication of the PUMPING STATION! With this indicator, you can PUMP profit every day!

How does it work?


A simple solution for beginners – GRABBER indicator for trading inside an adaptive price channel! Trade without stress!

Real trading with this indicator


This indicator is for those who want to see a clear trading plan on the quotes chart

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How does it work?

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