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Multicurrency trading robot for AUDCAD NZDCAD AUDNZD. Works on the H1 timeframe and brings good monthly income.

  • Gonzo Trader EA for MT4
  • Gonzo Trader EA for MT5
  • Lifetime license without subscription
  • Author’s settings for maximum profitability
  • Detailed instruction – how to install and use
  • Technical support

* product for unlimited number of accounts and platforms that belong to you



Why does trading have to be hard? Take Gonzo Trader robot and do it with ease!

Enough $500 to start

You only need $500 to start using this trading robot. Namely, starting from this amount, you can start making money online.

Works around the clock

This trading robot works around the clock, even when you sleep it will work for you! He is your faithful assistant for the endless process of earning money online.

Cool growth

High activity brings fast and stable growth. that's how GONZO TRADER works! He will do everything quickly and accurately!

Genius strategy

The GONZO trading robot works very efficiently! You can see for yourself - below you will find a link to download its results.

Built for the most popular platforms:

It works like a printing press:

Round the clock work

Ideal schedule. Minimum drawdown

Can work on 3 assets:




Three assets at the same time (AUDCAD, NZDCAD, AUDNZD)

Download GONZO test results (99% accuracy)


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

How does GONZO TRADER robot work?

GONZO TRADER robot analyzes the chart and identifies the moments of maximum overbought/oversold. As soon as such a moment is found, he makes an operation in the direction of the reverse movement. For maximum efficiency, trading robot GONZO can perform several operations at the same time. This provides high intensity. As you understand, the greater the intensity, the more money you can make online. Because each operation gives a little plus and makes your account bigger and bigger.

Of course, during the activity of the GONZO trading robot, many filters and technologies are applied to ensure minimal drawdown and maximum efficiency. 

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How to start?

Gonzo Trader MT4/MT5 EA wants to make you rich!

Are you tired of the complexities and uncertainties of trading? Do you wish to make money online with ease? Look no further than the GONZO TRADER expert advisor! This trading robot is your ultimate solution to all your trading worries. With just $500, you can start making profits around the clock, even while you sleep.

The GONZO TRADER Forex robot is designed for efficiency and high activity, ensuring fast and stable growth for your capital. With a profitability rate of 20-50% per month, your account will grow quickly and consistently. It works on three currency pairs, namely AUDCAD, NZDCAD, and AUDNZD, diversifying your trading results for maximum returns.

So, how does the GONZO TRADER robot work? It analyzes the chart and identifies moments of maximum overbought/oversold. As soon as such moments are detected, the robot makes a trade in the direction of the reverse movement, ensuring maximum efficiency. Additionally, it can perform several operations simultaneously, increasing intensity and profitability.

The GONZO TRADER robot is compatible with both MT4 and MT5 platforms, making it easy to use with any broker. And the best part? You can download its results and see for yourself just how efficient and profitable it is.

Say goodbye to the complexities of trading and hello to easy and consistent profits with the GONZO TRADER expert advisor. Get started today and watch your account grow in no time!

3 reviews for GONZO TRADER EA

  1. Dominic L

    It gives a good profit. I recommend Gonzo robot to everyone!

  2. Bedirhan M

    Gives profit every day – it’s great, but this EA uses martingale and it’s bad (((

  3. ValeriuBBoy

    3 months of trading on a real account. Profit about $2000. Cool! Gonzo Trader bot is a great choice!

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