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A unique multi-currency investment Expert Advisor that shows excellent trading results in short-term and long-term use. For MT4 platform.

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trading robot

Will give you 1000% within the first year of use!

Benefit of Centaur system:


It can work simultaneously on 9 assets, this arithmetically multiplies and accelerates the rate of earnings.

Machine learning

This software is constantly self-learning. His work is getting better and better every day!

Fast growth

The average annual profitability of this robot can be about 1000%. imagine how fast your account size will grow!

Minimum risk

Centaur robot uses an intelligent account protection system, nothing threatens your money! Enjoy growth without risk!

Centaur Strategy:

This trading robot determines support and resistance levels and trades on price rebounds from key levels. In simple words – we use the classical system. However, we have added a lot of useful innovations to this algorithm: machine learning, virtualization, smart tracking of orders and many filters to improve the security and safety of your account. How profitable is this system? Check out its features for yourself!

See how accurate Centaur robot trades are:


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

Test results of the Centaur robot:

99% accuracy










Cumulative portfolio (all assets together)

Download the Centaur robot test results from the cloud storage:

Designed for the most popular platform:

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2 reviews for Centaur investment bot

  1. Jozef M

    Excellent adviser for Forex. I have been using Centaur for 6 months. My starting capital was $1200. During the time of use, I doubled my capital! Trading drawdown is minimal! I want to thank the developers!

  2. Bernard A

    Trades not often, but gives very good results. I think for the long term this is one of the best experts on this site!

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