Gold trade Pro MT4

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Maximum productivity with artificial intelligence algorithms. Get the most accurate deals!

Get more then 20% (of the amount of your investment) profit per month and about 300% profit per year. Of course - this software will work completely automatically!


Hello Golden Maverick! Are you set to navigate the splendid tides and transform those figures into substantial wealth? Here’s a nugget of truth for you: Gold isn’t merely a metal; it’s an ethos, a pursuit, and your pass to the elite circle. This radiant titan doesn’t just shimmer; it commands, and you’re on the brink of harnessing that power.

Envision this: the market as a fierce wilderness, with Gold as your sovereign beast. When the dollar falters, Gold parades its prowess. It stands as the ultimate refuge, the undisputed titan of the financial arena. Bulls and bears may tussle, but Gold’s luster remains untarnished.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can mingle with the elite? Gold transcends a mere investment; it’s a testament to influence and grandeur. Plunge into the market dynamics, navigate the bullish trends, and allow the Midas effect to elevate your assets. It’s your moment to grasp the golden chance, savvy investor!

Use our GoldTrade Pro and

Split Profit every month

Works with almost Prop Firm

Goldtrade Pro EA MyFxbook monitoring


Works on MT4 platform

Key Features of GoldTrade PRO MT4 EA

Chosen pair: XAUUSD (GOLD)

Timeframe: Daily

Required balance: $200

Getting started is simple. Just open a daily gold chart, apply the EA to the chart, and adjust the lot size parameters.

Regarding risk management, we recommend selecting “Risk per Trade” and starting with a prudent 1% risk per trade. As you become more comfortable, you may increase the risk according to your confidence level.

Gold trade Pro MT4

How does GoldTrade Pro investing bot work?

AI system for investment

Artificial intelligence reveals the best levels for buying and selling currency pairs in the Forex market. Over 95% accuracy!

High yield

The user receives more than 20% (of the amount of investment) per month and more than 300-400% profit in annual terms.

Profit trailing

The artificial intelligence of the Centaur Investing bot makes trailing trades to get the maximum profit from each trading operation.

Multi-currency diversification

This Forex trading robot can work on 9 different currency pairs at the same time. This multiplies trading results and makes them diversified.

Smart money management

This Forex bot performs smart money management, it independently regulates the size of each transaction so that your account grows quickly with minimal risk.

Fully automatic

Of course, the Centaur Forex trading software works completely automatically. You don't need to do anything extra. He will trade at full auto!

GoldTrade Pro EA Reviews

Trade Gold like a PRO!

GoldTrade MT4 EA
199 Lifetime license
GoldTrade Pro for MT4 (original, no DLL product)
Lifetime license without subscription
Detailed instruction – how to install and use
Technical support
Gold trade Pro MT4

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