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Valery trading Pack (3 in 1)
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Waka Waka EA MT4
Golden PickAxe EA MT4
Perceptrader AI MT4
Unlimited licenses (any number of accounts and platforms)
Set-files for fine tuning

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The collection includes the latest versions of:

  • Waka Waka EA for MT4
  • EA Perceptrader AI for MT4
  • Golden PickAxe EA for MT4
  • Lifetime unlimited licenses (any number of accounts for trading)
  • Updates
  • Detailed instructions – how to install and use
Valery Trading - Valeriia Mishchenko

+7 686 growth - verified real result

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Waka Waka EA

Waka Waka EA is a time-tested trading robot. Automatic trading. Verified by MyFxbook. Easy to use and very profitable.
  • Waka Waka EA for MT4
  • Lifetime license without subscription
  • Detailed instruction – how to install and use
  • Technical support
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for MT4 platform

Golden PickAxe EA

Everyone should have these bots!

for MT4 platform

Waka Waka EA

for MT4 platform

EA Perceptrader AI

Perceptrader AI

Perceptrader AI represents an advanced grid trading solution harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. Employing Deep Learning algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), it rapidly processes substantial volumes of market data, identifying lucrative trading prospects.

Drawing on a successful trading strategy and logic, Perceptrader AI aligns with the "record-breaking" Expert Advisor, Waka Waka. The Expert Advisor seamlessly collaborates with ChatGPT and Google's Bard AI, enhancing forecasting accuracy and providing traders with intelligent decision-making capabilities.


Waka Waka

Waka Waka stands out as a sophisticated grid system, showcasing a remarkable +7600% account growth on live accounts and an impressive track record of +66 consecutive months in profit—a noteworthy achievement within the realm of Expert Advisors (EAs).

Distinguishing itself from the common practice of tailoring systems to historical data, Waka Waka was purposefully crafted to capitalize on current market inefficiencies. Unlike simplistic "hit and miss" systems reliant solely on grid strategies for survival, Waka Waka strategically leverages authentic market mechanics to secure profits.


Golden PickAxe

Golden Pickaxe is a grid trading system rooted in mean reversion, employing cutting-edge machine learning technology to execute high-profit potential trades within the Gold market.

Capitalizing on genuine market inefficiencies, Golden Pickaxe strategically positions itself with an advantage, gaining an edge over the market dynamics.

The Expert Advisor (EA) comes equipped with 5 predefined set files, essentially representing 5 distinct trading systems tailored for the gold market.


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