A good, time – tested and thousands-of-users trading robot is the WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT. Long-term monitoring on a real account, good trading statistics, positive reviews and safety of work, all this suggests that such an expert advisor deserves attention! Let’s make a WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT review and decide whether to buy or not to buy!

General Characteristics of WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT

So, the WALLSTREET FOREX EAs family of trading robots began its work history about 15 years ago. During this time, the FX Automater development team has released several versions of this product and significantly improved its trading algorithm. If you search on MyFXBook, you will probably find monitoring of early versions of this robot. They still work and make a profit. And this characterizes that the WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT algorithm is quite versatile and time-tested. The latest version of WALLSTREET EVOLUTION 2.0 also shows stable trading results, as evidenced by the official monitoring of a WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT MyFxbook.


As you can see, this trading robot with a classic trading strategy continues to climb its profitability chart up. Given that this Expert Advisor does not use dangerous money management methods, this profitability chart is crooked, but note that it has been growing for the last 4 years (since 2017)!!! The maximum drawdown is about 20%, the average monthly profitability is about 3%.


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Of course, WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT will not be able to give you 100% monthly. The maximum that you can expect from it is 10% per month (if you increase the size of the trading risk). However, as we noted from the very beginning, WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT is an expert Advisor with a secure money management system. This means that you can trust him with a large amount of capital on a trading account! And this is more valuable than a large percentage of the deposit growth!

The WALLSTREET FOREX EA strategy is quite simple, but very effective. The Expert Advisor tracks the trend direction and makes deals during price pullbacks against the main market movement. The trading robot makes no more than 1 trade at a time. At the same time, all trading positions are protected by Stop Loss orders. That is why the profitability chart of WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT shows us the minimum drawdown and in general this robot will be safe for your capital!

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22 Years Back Test results…



22 Years Back Test results…



22 Years Back Test results…


22 Years Back Test results…

As you can see, the EA shows good trading results during its testing. Of course, traditionally, these results are much better than in reality. However, please note – in any case, WALLSTREET FOREX BOT gives a profit and a stable growth in the deposit size.