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With this Forex bot you can earn thousands of percent of profit! See below for monitoring of his real work, if you don't believe us!

Waka Waka EA

Waka Waka EA MyFxbook monitoring

Do you need confirmation that it actually works? Look at the monitoring of the work of Waka Waka Expert Advisor on real accounts. These monitorings are conducted on the site of an independent third party – MyFxbook. So, you can be sure – it will work on your account in the same way!


Forex trading can be a highly profitable venture, but it’s also one of the riskiest. Without a solid strategy and the right tools, you could end up losing more than you gain. That’s where Waka Waka EA comes in.

Developed for MT4 platform

Video presentation of Waka Waka Expert Advisor

How does Waka Waka EA work?

Smart money management

Money management is carried out by special Waka Waka Expert Advisor algorithms that, together with a trading strategy, will maximize your profit.

High yield

With the help of Waka Waka EA you can earn thousands of percent of profit - this is confirmed by an independent party - MyFxbook and increase your capital hundreds of times.

Manage trading risk

With a few clicks, you can reduce or increase the amount of trading risk, that is, determine how safe automatic trading should be.

Easy to use

Installing this Forex bot will only take you a couple of minutes. Everything is very simple! Then the Waka expert will work automatically. Nothing additional needs to be done.

News filter

Inside this Waka Forex software is a news filter that prevents trading during market turmoil and minimizes trading risks.

Broad diversification

Due to the use of three currency pairs for trading at the same time, the adviser correctly distributes trading risks between these assets and diversifies trading results.

Waka Waka expert advisor test results

Waka Waka EA is an invincible trading robot. He makes profitable trades in any market situation and increases trading results every day! Make profit every day with one of the best Forex trading robots!


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Waka Waka EA benefits

Reviews from Buyers

Derek M
Derek M
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This is one of the best robots on this site and in the world at the moment! Great price!! I buy it without hesitation!
Mishka F
Mishka F
Read More
Really cool bot!! I advise everyone! I buy!!!
Philippe M
Philippe M
Read More
This is a very stable Expert Advisor. Every day profit with a minimum trading drawdown. My recommendations
Luca P
Luca P
Read More
This is a legend! I’m very glad I bought it!
Simon L
Simon L
Read More
This is an ingenious Forex algorithmic software!

Thousands of percent profit on your account with Waka Waka EA - it's real!


lifetime license without subscription
  • Waka Waka EA for MT4 platform
  • Instructions for installation and configuration
  • Professional support
Waka Waka EA


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

This expert advisor is designed to help you make the most of your trading by utilizing a unique grid system and martingale strategy. With Waka Waka EA, you can trade on three different currency pairs, giving you increased diversification and opportunities for profit.

But what sets Waka Waka EA apart from other expert advisors is its smart money management system. You can adjust the load on your trading account’s equity, so you can trade with confidence and minimize risk. And with several options for managing open orders, you can customize your trading experience to suit your needs.

The use of macroeconomic news filters is another feature that sets Waka Waka EA apart. These filters help you stay on top of the latest market trends and make informed trading decisions. And because the expert advisor is optimized for the 15-minute timeframe on the popular MT4 trading platform, you can be sure that you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Of course, the use of martingale and averaging strategies can be risky. But in the case of Waka Waka EA, these strategies are optimized to minimize risk and maximize profits. Our algorithm has been rigorously tested and refined to ensure that these strategies are used in a way that is safe and effective.

Waka Waka EA

Don’t just take our word for it – Waka Waka EA has received glowing reviews from satisfied customers. And with round-the-clock trading, you can be sure that your expert advisor is always working for you. Plus, the installation process is simple and straightforward, even for beginners.

If you’re ready to take your Forex trading to the next level, then Waka Waka EA is the expert advisor you need. With its unique grid system, smart money management, and use of macroeconomic news filters, you can trade with confidence and minimize risk. And with round-the-clock trading and easy installation, you can start trading like a pro in no time.

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