Trio Dancer EA – Forex martingale system

Proven by time and thousands of traders forex martingale system Trio Dancer EA. It makes a good profit and is safe when used correctly. Download Trio Dancer EA for free, and it’s time to make money on the Forex market! Now we will explain in detail what needs to be done.

Trio Dancer EA

Trio Dancer EA – how to use forex martingale EA?

If you search for other people’s results on MyFxbook, which traders received with the help of Trio Dancer EA, you can see a lot of good trading results. In simple words, forex martingale strategy Trio Dancer EA is used massively and is able to make a profit. Here are some results of this trading software for Forex MT4 platform:

Trio Dancer EA forex martingale ea


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Trio Dancer EA Technical Specifications

  • Currency pairs recommended for trading Trio Dancer EA: EURUSD GBPUSD
  • Account type for trading Trio Dancer EA: any
  • Timeframe for trading: M15
  • Trading time of Trio Dancer EA: round the clock
  • Recommended broker for forex martingale ea: ICMarkets
  • Leverage for forex martingale strategy: 1: 500 and higher
  • Trading strategy: Indicator grid + martingale
  • Estimated profitability: 30-70% per month.

How to install forex martingale system-Trio Dancer EA

To install forex martingale ea, follow the algorithm described below:
1. Register a trading account with an ICMarket broker (recommended broker) or another company that provides a leverage of 1: 500.
2. Download forex martingale system Trio Dancer EA at the bottom of this page.
3. Install Trio Dancer EA in the trading platform. To do this, open the root directory of the platform and copy the trading robot to the appropriate platform folder.
4. Restart your trading terminal.
5. Open EURUSD or GBPUSD, put the price chart on the M15 timeframe.
6. Drag the Trio Dancer EA forex martingalesystem quote chart to the open window and turn on the trade button.

Money management for Trio Dancer EA forex martingale

Given that Trio Dancer EA uses elements of grid strategy and martingale, you need to follow certain security measures to use this system. Namely:

  • Withdraw capital from the trading account every time Trio Dancer EA doubles the size of the trading account.
  • Use “CENT” accounts to provide the Expert Advisor with the necessary capital for trading and good leverage.

Trio Dancer EA