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for scalping in the price channel

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Do you want to see a clear professional trading plan on the quotes chart? Use trading software TRADE CONSTRUCTOR!!

Our professional Forex indicator can:

Find out the profitability in advance

You set trading parameters, and the professional indicator shows how profitable they are. That is, you will start trading when you are sure that this strategy will bring profit!

Get the signal

This professional trading software shows arrows for trading, generates pop-up signal windows, and gives email and PUSH notifications for trading. You will never miss a trading signal!

Close the deal with profit

The professional indicator will give you a signal in time that you need to close trades. Therefore, you can always and everywhere manage your trading and get the maximum profit!

How does it work? It’s simple!

Choose the best company - get 50% more!

Installation assistance

Don't know how to install and configure the software?

We will be happy to help you!!

Why our products?!

We are a European company

We are an official European company and work in accordance with European standards and legislation

Everything is serious and real

Our team consists of experienced traders and programmers - we do not create toys! We create real software for serious purposes!

Money Back Guarantee

If the product you purchased does not work, we will refund your money back!

Codes without glitches and bugs

We create professional software that works without bugs and glitches! This is a pure software algorithm that works for your good!


All our products are optimized and tested on the real market, as well as stress tests!

User reviews:

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My profit in the first month of using this FX indicator was 200%, which is phenomenal! Imagine in just 1 month I increased the size of my account by 2 times!!!
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This is the best indicator for trading in the channel. Very simple and very profitable! If you buy this indicator, then you won't need anything else! This is a ready-made system for you to make money!
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This indicator is for more prepared traders. And this is a great tool to start making a profit! With the help of TradeConstructor, you can build your own strategy for trading in the price channel and earn more than 100% profit per month!!
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I liked this indicator, but it's a bit dangerous if you don't have experience trading in the financial market. So if you are a beginner, it's better to choose the OCTOPUS or GRAVITY system on this site! By the way, I bought all these systems on this site and recommend it to everyone!
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Please note that this indicator uses a grider strategy! It's very profitable! However, if you have no experience trading with a grid of orders, then it can be dangerous for you!

Buy professional trading software - TRADE CONSTRUCTOR today and ensure a stable capital growth for many years!

This product was bought by: 7429 users


  • ** For 1 trading account
  • TRADE CONSTRUCTOR indicator for MT4 platform
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Professional trading software - TRADE CONSTRUCTOR

Everyone wants to engage in professional trading, but they do it like amateurs. A little self-criticism won’t hurt you. However, the time has come to take a step forward and start using Professional trading software to maximize profits! On this page you will find a Forex indicator that will help you become a professional!

Professional trading software

Scalping in Price Channel + Grid Tactic

So, our team has developed a professional indicator with which you can trade immediately (or separately) on three strategies:

  • Scalping in the price channel is a classic strategy of making deals on the rebound of quotations from the walls of the price channel towards the center of the channel.
  • Grid trading is a price averaging strategy through which you can make a profit regardless of whether you have correctly determined the direction of movement of quotations or not.
  • Scalping + Grid is a hybrid combination of the two strategies described above.

Thus, when you buy our professional trading indicator, you get powerful software that independently analyzes the market, gives trading signals and calculates trading statistics. All that is needed from you is to program this Forex indicator initially (make certain changes to its manual settings and then simply execute its trading signals).

Above, we posted a video of how this Professional Forex indicator works using a hybrid strategy (trading on a rebound from the walls of the price channel and averaging the price if the quotes go in the opposite direction). With the help of this trading software, you will really raise your trading level and, of course, the level of earnings closer to the top of professionalism – you can be sure of that!

Forex indicator professional

Trading strategy - rebound from channel boundaries

If you want to trade only on the rebound from the walls of the price channel (without the grid tactics of averaging the price), then you need to remove the function of adding additional pending orders from the indicator settings. In this case, it turns out that our professional trading indicator will give you signals only when the quotes touch the extreme lower or upper limit of the price channel. At the same time, this signal will be filtered by the RSI indicator. if the quotes touched the extreme limit but the RSI did not reach the overbought / oversold level, then our professional indicator will not give a signal for trading. For a clear understanding, the RSI indicator is used by our trading system as a resource (it is not visible on the quotation chart, but it is added inside the code of our professional system).

So, in order for a trading signal to appear, 2 conditions must be met at once:

Quotes have reached the extreme limit of the price channel (you can set the width of such a channel yourself)
At this point, the RSI indicator should reach the overbought/oversold level.
Also, in the manual settings of our professional Forex indicator, you can set time limits for trading. For example, choose the time of the Asian session when quotes move horizontally or vice versa, choose the most volatile time – the European-American session – when quotes move in a trend.

  • Thus, as soon as the quotes touched the upper level of the price channel (at this time, the RSI indicator is in the overbought stage – this is a signal to SELL
  • Thus, as soon as the quotes touched the lower level of the price channel (at this time, the RSI indicator is in the oversold stage – this is a signal for BUY

We set the Take profit level to the central line of our professional trading indicator TRADE CONSTRUCTOR. This Take Profit order must be moved after its shift in the direction of market movement. Thus, you will be able to close the trading operation at the first opportunity.

scalping proffesional indicator

This professional trading strategy works on any asset (currency pairs, stock indexes, cryptocurrencies and of course on classic currency pairs). Any timeframe can be used. However, be careful – the lower the timeframe, the greater the trading risk. If you are a beginner at all, then we recommend using this system on timeframes H1 or H4, on which the price chart moves more horizontally.

Price averaging strategy on professional indicator

What should you do if you made a deal when the quotes touched the extreme border of the price channel, but the quotes, instead of turning back, continue to move in the opposite direction from your order? In this case, you can use make-up tactics to make a profit with the help of several transactions.

Inside the manual settings of professional indicator TRADE CONSTRUCTOR, you can find the setting for placing additional orders. By changing the distance between additional orders, you can analyze how this strategy looks on the history of quotes. That is, to see how profitable and safe your chosen tactics will be. You can set the distance between additional limit orders, as well as the number of such orders. Most importantly, you can see the profitability in the history of quotes, which will change when you change the number of orders and the distance between orders in manual settings.
Profitability statistics are located in the upper left corner of the screen. It helps to assess how profitable a trading strategy you are using with the help of a professional trading indicator.

scalping professional indicator 2

Assets for trading

As we described above, this professional trading indicator is suitable for trading on any type of asset. The difference is that each asset has its own amplitude of movement and its own volatility and the value of a point. Thus, you can use this professional trading system on any asset, however, every time you have to check the profitability of this system with the help of a sign that will appear in the upper left corner of the asset quotes chart on which you will use this Professional trading software.

Professional trading forex

We remind you that you need to program the indicator for each asset, namely, to change the distance between limit orders, as well as the number of these orders. Thus, you can set up a professional indicator TRADECONSTRUCTOR for profitable trading on any asset. These can be cryptocurrencies or classic currency pairs or even stock indexes. That is, you can trade on any asset of your MT4 platform.

Time and timeframes for trading

A little above we wrote that the professional indicator TRADE CONSTRUCTOR can be used on any timeframe – M1, M5, M15, M30, H1 or H4. This significantly expands the possibilities of its use. For example, you can trade on M1 or M5 using the Asian trading system in horizontal channels that arise mainly during the Asian trading session.

Inside the manual settings of the indicator, you will find variables with which you can program the beginning and end of market analysis with this professional trading indicator. That is, the indicator can analyze the market only from the time of the beginning of the Asian session until the moment of the market rollover. Thus, you will be able to bypass the trending areas on the quotation chart. After all, during the Asian session, there is almost always a flat and horizontal price movement. This is exactly the state of the market that is necessary for classical scalping inside the price channel without grider technology. However, for greater efficiency, grider strategies can also be added during Asian scalping – this will help you increase the profitability of your trade. In any case, all theoretical guesses and your thoughts can be tested in practice. 

professional indicator forex 2

Set all the necessary settings (trading time, channel width, distance between pending orders, number of pending orders and the period of the RSI filter indicator … apply these settings on the quotation chart and you will see that the profitability statistics of professional indicator TRADE CONSTRUCTOR will change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. It all depends on the settings that you have programmed for this indicator. As a result, you will be able to choose for yourself the most profitable timeframe and trading time using this professional trading indicator.

If you want to trade around the clock, then we advise you to choose the timeframe H1 or H4. On such timeframes, quotes move more horizontally and more often return to the central line of the price channel after a rebound from the channel boundaries.
So – remember this rule: if you trade using time settings (you determine the beginning and end of trading using the appropriate function for selecting the trading time in the manual settings of the indicator), then it is better for you to trade on the timeframes M1 or M5 or M15.
If you want to trade around the clock without limiting the time of market analysis and the occurrence of trading signals, it is better for you to choose timeframes for trading H1 or H4.

Minimum deposit for trading

As for the minimum capital to start trading, it can be as little as $200 (if you trade with 1-2 trades at the same time, or $2000 (if you trade with a grider tactic involving more than 5 orders). The size of the leverage also matters. The higher it is, the smaller the deposit size you can use for trading. If your leverage is 1:500, then you can start with a $200 deposit. If the leverage is small (for example 1:30), then you need a much larger deposit, namely $ 2000 or more.
Of course, if you have a small deposit, then you need to use a small lot size for trading – 0.01. Further – as your deposit size grows, you can increase the size of lots for trading. For example, if you have a deposit size of $ 5000, then in this case you can use lots of 0.05 or more. However, all this is possible if your leverage allows you to do it. For adequate trading, you need a leverage of 1:500 – remember this condition!

ICMarkets broker can give you more leverage – we use this company personally for our own trading and testing of all our automatic and manual trading systems.
As for the account type, always choose ECN (RAW) accounts, that is, accounts with a minimum (narrow) spread. This type of account will allow you to trade on minimum timeframes and at any time of the day. If this is news to you, then the spread on the classic account increases significantly during the Asian session. Thus, the classic account is not intended for scalping.

Create trading portfolios with professional Forex indicator

Of course, it would be stupid to have a professional indicator like ours in your hands and use it on only 1 asset. We advise you to find profitable parameters for different assets and use our professional trading indicator on 5-10 assets at once at the same time. This way you will be able to make a profit 5-10 times more and diversify your trading results. After all, if you get a loss on one asset, then on most other assets you will get a profit that will be greater than the loss received. Accordingly, due to such a profit, you will always be in the total profit for the day and for the month. This is called diversification.

Moreover, if you trade around the clock on the H1 or H4 timeframes, where trading signals do not occur as often as on small timeframes, then a large number of assets in the portfolio will help you increase the number of signals for trading. This is logical and natural! Use the professional trading indicator and try to become this very professional. Professional Forex is open to everyone, but you need to put some effort and ingenuity to get a stable profit.

Buy professional trading software - TRADE CONSTRUCTOR today and ensure a stable capital growth for many years!


  • ** For 1 trading account
  • TRADE CONSTRUCTOR indicator for MT4 platform
  • Presets for automatic configuration
  • Detailed manual
  • Technical support