The Investment Innovator EA review

Market MQL5 contains many disappointments. Showcase with the best experts contains SCAM products that are bought by thousands of users. Today we will give you another portion of the truth. Meet The Investment Innovator EA, which currently ranks second in the TOP MQL5 Experts. You will learn the whole bitter truth, and you will understand that you definitely do not need this trading robot.

The Investment Innovator EA - tester statistics MetaTrader

As usual in such cases, you open the description of the Expert Advisor and see a description in which the developer vividly convinces you that an Expert Advisor can bring you many thousands of percent of profit. This is the picture we see in the description of The Investment Innovator EA MT5 and MT4.

The test results in the MetaTrader platform show us a smooth growth schedule and a profitability of at least 50% per month. According to tests published on The Investment Innovator bot sale page, between 2016 and 2023 it brought in over $70,000,000.

The author publishes a beautiful gif animation that demonstrates the growth of The Investment Innovator MyFxbook deposit.

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According to the developer, nvestment Innovator MT4 can work on several strategies, which are called “Stage 1”, “Stage 2”, etc. There are 5 such strategies in total. Each strategy brings more profit than the previous one. The most profitable strategy is “Stage 5”, which gives crazy profitability in the MetaTrader strategy tester. 

Of course, when you see such beautiful growth charts, you immediately want to buy this Forex trading robot. However, don’t rush. Let’s compare the tests of Investment Innovator MT5 and its real trading statistics.

EA Investment Innovator - real trading

So, on the MQL5 website, we see several Innovator EA monitorings at once, which is good. But their profitability does not match the results stated in the tests (on the EA presentation page). That is, the tests and real trading of this Expert Advisor do not correspond to each other at all.

As for trading, we immediately see three very negative factors that speak against the reliability of the Investment Innovator EA MT4/MT5 advisor, namely:

The Investment Innovator expert advisor
The Investment Innovator bot
The Investment Innovator EA myfxbook


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  • This trading bot uses averaging, that is, it trades using many orders, which averages the price to make a profit
  • In parallel, Martingale is used, with which it helps to average the price in order to make a profit
  • The Investment Innovator Expert Advisor does not use Stop Loss.

Together, these three factors mean that the Innovator Bot will kill your trading account very quickly! We don’t think you want this. Therefore, never buy this Expert Advisor.

Trading strategy

As we said above, this is a regular martingale grid that works on the trending XAUUSD (Gold) currency pair. There are many traders who believe that using Gold as an asset for trading can bring some additional benefits. Such traders should understand that when concluding transactions on XAUUSD Investment Innovator does not physically buy gold, but only makes a speculative operation on the value of this asset. What’s the difference in this case, you trade on gold or on a classic currency pair!?

However, back to The Investment Innovator EA review. We did not find MyFxbook monitoring of this expert. However, MQL5 monitoring is enough to understand that this is a real SCAM. Because:

  • Real results do not match the results in the tester.
  • The EA uses martingale and grid, only thanks to them it is able to get at least some profitable result.
  • Its value does not match its results. At the time of writing Review The Investment Innovator EA, the price of this EA has reached $1111. It’s unbelievable when a developer sells a bad product for a huge amount of money. And the most important thing is that users who trust the strategy tester more than real monitoring buy this Expert Advisor. Paradox, isn’t it?!

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Opinion on Investment Innovator Expert Advisor

If you want to waste your money and kill your trading account, then you simply must buy The Investment Innovator MT5 Expert Advisor!! Funny?))) But it’s true! We wrote above that this EA has more disadvantages than advantages. In fact, it has no benefits at all. This is trash that can be found for free on the Internet. This is one of the thousands of ways to lose your money while trading, for which you need to pay more than $1000 to get this opportunity.

So, don’t even look in the direction of The Investment Innovator MT4! This is a real evil that has nothing to do with trading, innovation and investment!