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This is a unique system for creating synthetic baskets and scalping on their virtual equity

Triangular baskets

Trading on currency triangles – more than 15 triangles in the portfolio

Complex baskets

Trading a balanced portfolio of 8-16 assets in a basket – short-term and long-term portfolios

Correlation baskets

Trading on correlated assets – more than 20 baskets to choose from

How does it work?

We have created an analytical complex with the help of which you can model the equity of trading various assets in one basket.

For example, imagine that we simultaneously entered into deals with three currency pairs in this way:

We simulate the virtual equity of this triangular portfolio of trades using the Synthetic basket Trader algorithm. We set the name of assets in the portfolio, the direction of trade and the size of their virtual deals:

We turn on the algorithm for creating a synthetic basket and get an almost perfect horizontal equity chart

This is exactly what the basket result would look like in time if you made EURUSD USDCHF and EURCHF trades at the same time:

And most importantly – this way the equity chart moves for many months and years!! Every day, the equity line touches the upper and lower levels in the horizontal channel!

What to do with this equity?

So, as for trading on triangular portfolios (triangular arbitrage), the rules are simple:

– as soon as the equity line of the basket of orders has fallen to the lower limit of the channel, we must – Buy Basket portfolio,

-as soon as the equity line of the basket of orders has grown to the upper level of the channel, we must – Sell Basket portfolio:

Just imagine – more than 95% of deals bring you profit! This allows you to earn about 100% in just 1 week!!

OK, let’s create a portfolio of 14 currency pairs in one basket? Let’s see what happens?!

Sell Pairs:


Buy Pairs:


We get an almost perfect portfolio that is trending most of the time!

Semi-automatic expert advisor Equity Trader

To simplify trading, we have created a semi-automatic expert Advisor with which you can:

  • Instantly open baskets of trades (from 2 to 16 trades at once) in accordance with the selected portfolio for trading
  • Instantly close all deals in the basket
  • Set virtual Take Profit and Stop Loss for a basket of orders

In simple words – you make trading decisions, and the Equity Trader’s Advisor executes them accurately, automatically and instantly!

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