Manual for trading indicator – Octopus

Set the indicator into the trading platform:

Reboot your trading platform so that the indicator appears in the internal menu:

Place the indicator on the quotes chart.

Open the quote chart of any asset from the Market Watch of your platform. Reduce the quote chart to the minimum Zoom and drag the indicator to it. We recommend using the indicator on timeframes M15 and higher.

Of course, Octopus Stock trading system is not a magic Grail. Therefore, the statistics of the profitability of this indicator for different assets may be different. However, in any case, the self-optimization algorithm in the indicator will find the best parameters for trading. If you have performed self-optimization of the indicator and received bad statistics, then this trading asset may not be suitable for trading on the Octopus strategy at all.

Self-optimization of the Octopus Trading System indicator

After you have placed Octopus Trading System on the quotes chart, open the manual settings of the indicator and upload the set-file to optimize the indicator.
For example, if you are setting up a GBPCAD currency pair on the H1 timeframe, you need to select a set file to set up currency pairs with the corresponding timeframe.

Enable the self-optimization algorithm to TRUE. Click OK.

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The platform will freeze for a few seconds. At this time, the indicator will perform complex mathematical calculations and search for the best parameters for trading. After the optimization is over, the indicator will show statistics of the strategy that it has chosen for trading on the history of the quotes chart. You will see the results in a separate window. You can get approximately the same results if you run the indicator signals.

How it works in reality – watch the video below

How to trade with the Octopus Trading System indicator

Even a beginner can trade with the Octopus Trading System indicator. Here are the functions that the indicator will do automatically:

  • giving signals for trading – about when you need to open deals and on which trading asset
  • displaying arrows on the quotes chart that show in which direction to trade
    showing Take Profit level on the quotes chart
  • giving signals about closing deals – about when to close deals and on which trading asset

All you need to do is follow the indicator signals and earn money.

Auxiliary take Profit level. Use this level to manually set a Take Profit order. This will help you fixate a profit if you missed the closing signal. As a rule, the signal to close a trade coincides with this auxiliary Take Profit level.