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This trading robot is designed for professional Forex scalping. SLK Fintech EA is a software for the MT4 platform that gives you a huge percentage of profit with a small drawdown. Take a look at SLK Fintech EA MyFxbook monitoring. You will immediately understand that such a robot for trading is extremely necessary for you! If so, download SLK Fintech Expert Advisor faster at the bottom of this page and start making money!

SLK Fintech EA review

SLK Fintech EA review

  • Created for the following platforms: MT4 and MT5
  • Assets for trading: any
  • Time Frame for trading: M15
  • Time for trading: around the clock
  • Strategy: scalping on the trend 
  • Leverage – from 1: 30 and higher
    Recommended brokers for trading: any ECN broker (for example – ICMarkets)
  • Minimum deposit to start: $200

This Forex software works on almost any asset! You will be very surprised when you look at the trading statistics of SLK Fintech ea myfxbook. The maximum drawdown is less than 8%. The average monthly profitability is more than 10%. And this means that if you forcibly increase trading risks, the profitability of SLK fintech EA will grow to 30-40% per month, despite the fact that the maximum drawdown will be about 30%. With an annual calculation, you will be able to get about 500% with the help of SLK fintech expert advisor!! Great! Such profitability indicators can bring a very limited number of trading robots. At the same time, we note that this is not a martingale, it’s not a grid. This is a professional scalping, for which a leverage of 1:30 is enough!!!! Almost brilliant. Almost the holy grail!! Expert advisor uses Stop loss commands to protect trades. SLK Fintech EA of course works completely automatically. So you can install this expert advisor on the MetaTrader platform and calmly go about your personal affairs. The trading expert will methodically and daily trade and get for you a whole mountain of profit!

SLK Fintech EA MyFxbook monitoring


SLK Fintech EA myfxbook


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

As we noted above, the statistics of SLK Fintech EA MyFxbook shows that this expert can work on any asset from the MT4 platform. Gold, silver, currency pairs… almost any asset you want-install SLK Fintech Expert Advisor on the quotation chart, turn on the “Automatic Trading” button and enjoy watching your trading account increase. Every day more and more!!
A leverage of 1:30 is sufficient for trading. On such a shoulder, SLK Fintech EA shows about 10% profit with a maximum drawdown of 7%. Install the robot on a platform with a leverage of 1:500, increase trading risks several times and you will be able to receive about 100% profit per month with minimal risk of losing your trading capital.

The SLK Fintech EA strategy is intraday scalping. The Expert Advisor scalps price jumps in the direction of the main market trend. At the same time, the robot takes a small number of profit points. Therefore, this robot will be extremely sensitive to the speed of order execution, as well as to the size of the spread. In order for the Expert Advisor to work as efficiently and correctly as possible, we recommend opening an account with an ICMarkets broker. This company is a leader in the Forex trading industry and fully meets the technical requirements of SLK Fintech Expert Advisor. However, you can try this expert on the sites of other Forex brokers. The main thing is that your brokerage company gives a minimum spread and a good speed of order execution.

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We remind you that on our website SLK Fintech EA free download. So, take this robot and use it for your pleasure for free!

Another huge plus of SLK Fintech EA is the minimum requirement for trading capital. You can start trading even if you have only $ 100 in your account. This amount will not be quite enough if your broker’s leverage is 1: 30. Because if you use SLK Fintech EA simultaneously on 10-15 different currency pairs, then this leverage will not be enough to make 10-15 transactions at the same time (if the account is about$100). So, if you want to use SLK Fintech EA in full force, then you need to have about $ 1000 in your account. As for a large leverage, for example, 1:500, then$200 will be quite enough for you to start. And it’s very cool!

SLK Fintech EA