What are the advantages of EA ROCKET STATION!?

This robot is designed for real market conditions and is able to manage real money investors! The best proof of efficiency is monitoring ROCKET STATION on a real account!

The history of trading ROCKET STATION on live accounts is more than a few years, none of which ROCKET STATION is finished with a minus!

ROCKET STATION works on 12 different currency pairs, which allows you to make a variety of trading portfolios, diversify risks and complement other automatic strategies in the trader’s portfolio.

ROCKET STATION does not use dangerous money management methods, each transaction is protected by a Stop Loss order, so it is well suited for professional traders and accounts with a large amount of capital.

Real account

This is the test results of EA ROCKET STATION

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What strategy uses the ROCKET STATION?

We will describe the basic principles of this robot and trading strategy which it uses:

Trend control

EA ROCKET STATION constantly monitors the direction of the main trend of the market and trades only in the direction of the trend.

Filtering of trades

Special filters prevent trading during high volatility and market spread expansion.

Minimization of losses

EA never waiting for the price reach the stop loss and closing trades at the first pullback.


Using special time filters, the EA selects the most suitable hours and days of the week for trading.

Capital protection

In each transaction EA uses protective StopLoss orders, which significantly reduces the risks and protects against capital loss.

Good deals

Following a special algorithm, the EA performs trading operations at the best prices, getting the maximum benefit in each transaction.

Market analysis

With the help of special indicators EA ROCKET STATION selects the most acceptable for trading market condition.

No Martingale

EA ROCKET STATION never uses dangerous money management methods such as martingale or averaging.

Any ECN-broker

ROCKET STATION advisor is not whimsical in choosing a broker and works on any platforms with ECN conditions.

Looking for a professional trading robot?

Learn why EA ROCKET STATION is better from other trading experts:

Create different portfolios, diversify risks, earn more and safer!

Safe money management, protective orders in every trade, reliability above all!

Trades on real accounts with a large size, efficiency is proven by time!

Fast return on investment and active capitalization of your capital!

Buy EA ROCKET STATION today and make a profit on the PRO-level!

€399 lifetime


  • 1 real account
  • 1 demo account
  • Detailed Manual
  • Set of auto-settings


€499 lifetime


  • 2 real account
  • 1 demo account
  • Detailed Manual
  • Set of auto-settings


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24/7 Support

We will help you with the configuration of the trading robot and answer all questions related to its trade!

Detailed Manual

Complete with the adviser you will receive a detailed manual on how to set up and use it!

Automatic configuration

The package includes special set-files for automatic configuration of the trading robot

You have THE GUARANTEE of Accurate Operation, the benefit of complete service &
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