Review Top Secret MT4 EA Myfxbook

Review Top Secret MT4 EA Myfxbook

Waiting for another scam exposure? Get Top Secret MT4 EA review where you will read all about why this MQL5 trading robot is not capable of making you a millionaire and why you will waste your time and money. Just don’t say that you believe in miracles, because there are no miracles in the financial market! So let’s start our Top Secret MT5/MT4 Review.

Top Secret MT4 - profitability in strategy tester

The first and most important thing you should understand when buying an Expert Advisor on the MQL5 market is that the profitability of a trading robot cannot be extremely high. Believe me, automated trading is not able to bring you a million within a month! There are no holy grails and Top Secret MT4/MT5 is no exception! So, let’s look at the strategy tester and see that this software has virtually earned over $5 million in just 5 months of trading:

Do you believe in such a miracle? If yes, then you are a naive child! However, let’s move on and see what this Forex Expert Advisor can bring on a real account.

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EA Top Secret MT5/MT5 real profitability on a real account

So, the author of this EA has monitoring on the MQL5 website, where the Top Secret EA made only a few trades. At the same time, these few trading operations brought 31% profit. The EA has been monitoring for less than 1 month and any profitability can be considered random. Unfortunately, this monitoring is not enough to make any opinions.
We see that the trading bot only works on XAUUSD (one of the most popular assets among novice users) and that it works around the clock. Trading activity is very low and if you trade using Top Secret MT4/MT5 EA you will receive no more than 3-5 trades per week.

ea top secret mql4

What is an expert advisor Top Secret?

Presenting a cutting-edge Forex Expert Advisor (EA) known as the Top Secret Forex Expert Advisor, which incorporates Explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) for MetaTrader. This AI-powered trading system offers clear explanations for its decisions and behavior. The primary objective of this EA is to enhance traders’ understanding of the trading signals and strategies generated by the system, ultimately fostering greater trust and confidence in its outputs.

The Explainable AI Forex EA for MetaTrader employs various methods to provide explanations for its decision-making process. Equipped with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and neural networks, the Top Secret Expert Advisor can analyze and interpret vast amounts of financial market data. Through these advanced techniques, it can identify trends, patterns, and signals that contribute to informed trading decisions.


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The TS Expert Advisor relies on a collection of mathematical formulas and strategies to execute trading decisions. These formulas encompass calculations related to market volatility, trend strength, and the likelihood of successful trades. To achieve optimal effectiveness, the Top Secret Forex Advisor undergoes an extensive optimization and training process. Historical market data is utilized to train and evaluate the advisor’s performance. Notably, the expert utilizes data preprocessing methods, such as standardization, normalization, and outlier removal, to enhance the quality of the training process and mitigate overfitting.
Risk management and continuous monitoring of trading operations are integral components of this expert advisor. By implementing capital management strategies, I strive to control risks and maintain stability in trading.
Introducing the TOP SECRET Forex advisor, an exceptional tool that combines artificial intelligence, neural networks, and innovative trading methods to achieve success in Forex trading. With the expertise of a seasoned team and the integration of advanced technologies, I offer my clients the potential for consistent profitability. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that Forex trading always entails risks, and past performance should not be regarded as an indication of future results. I strongly advise conducting thorough research, seeking guidance from financial experts, and making well-informed decisions based on your individual goals and circumstances. I take great pride in the development of this advisor and have confidence in its ability to assist my clients in reaching their financial objectives.

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Our opinion on TOP SECRET Forex advisor

So, the phenomenally high profitability in the strategy tester and the absence of real trading statistics indicate that this Expert Advisor currently cannot meet the criteria for selection and making a buying decision. A beautiful picture from the strategy tester cannot guarantee the future profitability of the EA. Thus, we advise you not to buy this Forex bot. Top Secret MT4/MT5 EA is one of the thousands of offers on the MQL5 market that looks tempting but is not backed by facts.