Transparency of monitoring and sales system of our company

Our team carries out its work using the principles of transparency, honesty and professionalism. Thus, all the information and recommendations on this website have formed, so that each user of our products can get maximum trading results with minimal risks.

Reasons for refund

You have 14 days to evaluate the quality <br> of our Expert Advisor and return your money back!

The reason for a buyer’s refund is the discrepancy of our product with the information that is stated on the website of its sale, that is — on this site.

At the same time, a buyer’s refund request will be not satisfied: If a buyer, due to his own subjective or objective circumstances that don’t depend on the actions of the seller, has changed his mind about using the trading adviser.

Commission of payment systems

When returning funds to a buyer, the seller returns the entire amount previously received from a buyer, minus the commission of a payment system.

How do I make a refund?

To resolve the issue of refund — write a request to our support team with a detailed description of the reasons for the refund.