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X2Capital Bot was created for automatic trading on breakouts of important Swing levels. Created for the MT4 platform.

  • X2Capital Bot for MT4
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X2Capital Bot

Can quickly double your account!

Enough $100 to Start

Throw all other bots in the trash
and take only this one!

Big money

This algorithm is able to double (*X2=100%) your capital every month. In simple words - get 100% monthly!

Multi-assets bot

This multi-assets bot is capable of working on almost any asset on your platform. This will diversify as much as possible and increase your results!

Around the clock

Works around the clock as long as there is movement in the market. Day and night he will try to bring you profit!

Easy to use

Simple installation - drag it to the chart window and click on the “On” button - then the trading robot will work fully automatically.

Powered by the most popular platform in the world

Results of X2Capital bot:

EURUSD 2012-2022

EURUSD 2012-2022

Also, X2Capital can work on other assets

Monthly analytics

Period: 2022

$100 is enough to start trading!

So, as soon as you drag the X2Capital bot to an open chart window, it starts fully automatic work. You don’t need to configure anything extra! The robot analyzes the market and makes trades in the direction of the trend. At the same time, an active risk management system is used. X2Capital makes a profit in almost 98% of cases. Again and again, 24 hours a day and every day! For each next day, the size of your account will be larger than the previous day! In a month, your income can exceed 30-100%.

Last year of trading (period: January 2021 - September 2022)

X2Capital Bot test results

Starting capital 100$

Download test results from cloud storage

This is the test result of X2Capital bot

EURUSD - starting capital $100

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How does it work on a chart?

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The best algorithm for stable trading

Loss Protection

Each trade is protected by a Stop Loss order - this significantly reduces risks and saves your capital.

The best ratio for you

A small Stop Loss and a large Take Profit - this ratio allows you to make profits much more than losses. The larger the size of your deposit - the more money you have in your pocket!

Safe system

The trading robot does not make grids and does not multiply through the martingale formula. It works simultaneously with only one transaction in one direction.

Enough $100 to start

To start, you need an account of only $100. Trading work does not need a lot of money to work.

How to start?

2 reviews for X2Capital Bot

  1. Mario D

    This robot is very sensitive to the size of the spread, the speed and quality of execution of trading orders. If your broker has bad trading conditions, then X2Capital will bring more losses than profits.

  2. Daniel S

    Don’t buy this!

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