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Multicurrency trading robot for scalping during the American and Asian sessions. Works on M5 timeframe. 2 trading strategies. 12 assets for trading.

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from $3000 to $7 millions !!

You can also become a millionaire with the Best Forex passive income bot

What are the Advantages of this Algo advisor?

Professional strategy

This Forex income bot clearly controls the market and professionally scalps the price deviation from the average with 99% accuracy

Intelligent system

The Forex earnings bot uses an intelligent system to control the market and trades in a price channel that adapts to the movement of quotes.

News filter

This automated income bot uses a news filtering system, so you can avoid unexpected price impulses and reliably protect your capital.

How does it work?

These are the results of Forex earnings robots in reality. Evaluate the real capabilities of the software!

These are the results of trading robots in reality:


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

From $3000 to $7 millions !!

This machine works profitably and stably!

Just imagine - you can get such results personally!








How does this strategy work?

Search for deviations

The Algo earnings bot looks for price deviations from the average and trades towards the center of the price channel.

Maximum optimization

This automated investin bot is optimized for a long period of quotes, so it can trade equally well under any conditions.

Easy to use

We have created a software that is easy to use – put it on the quotes chart, enable automatic settings and make a profit.

Maximum diversification

This automated passive income robot can work on 10 pairs at once, so it will diversify results as much as possible.

Best time to trade

The Expert Advisor can work around the clock or at a certain time-this allows you to choose the best time to trade.

Cuts losses

This earnings robot uses a risk reduction system-stops the growing losses for your safety!

Automatic adaptation

The Forex bot independently determines the price channel of quotes and constantly adapts to new market movements.

High profit factor

Our passive income robot works with a high profit factor, which means that the profit will be much more than the loss!

Without a martingale

Our Forex EA does not use dangerous strategies – it makes money without a martingale!

User reviews:

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It works quite stably and profitably. However, I would like the robot to trade around the clock. Now it works only half a day. There is a time filter. This is not a complaint, but only thoughts out loud)))
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Everything is fine, and I'm happy! Every month my income is about $2000. This is a substantial profit for me. The initial deposit was $8000.
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This is not the best MT4 expert in my portfolio. However, it works stably and I don't need it anymore. I am satisfied with its results! The trading drawdown is small. I recommend it to expand your portfolio!
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This is a really fantastic program! I recommend it to everyone!
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I have the profitability of this MT4 robot is 10-15% monthly. I have taken minimal risks and it gives me a small profit with a low trading drawdown. I recommend this expert to those who want security!

We accept payments through the systems:

my forex passive income

How to start receiving
Forex passive income?

So, all you need to do to get forex passive income is to do the following steps:

1. Register with a company that will give you access to the financial market and give you a platform for such access – we recommend this broker.
2. Top up your trading account in the amount of $ 200 or more.
3. Download the platform to your computer.
4. Buy an expert Advisor for Forex earnings – you can do it here.
5. Install the Expert Advisor in the platform and click on the “automatic trading” button.
So you only need to do 5 simple steps. Next, the trading robot will automatically analyze quotes, make deals and bring you profitonForex, that is, passive income.

forex passive income robot forex profitable?

Are you still wondering this question? Imagine, you can invest only $ 1000 in trading and get as much as $1 million as a result! This is not a joke! It’s real!
Of course, it may take 5-10 years to get such a big profit. However, you are unlikely to find a way that will allow you to capitalize your money as quickly! Just 1 thousand opens the way for you to a million! Probably, no service in the world for passive income will give you as many opportunities as automatic Forex trading gives you!
Below we will give you some examples of how passive income software works and how many percent of forex passive income may end up in your pocket:

forex robot deals

Forex passive income – methods

Of course, everyone wants to come up with something that will bring a stable and preferably high income. You don’t need to invent anything! There are ways that you can use and get profit on Forex a lot, steadily and constantly! And we are talking not only about this trading robot, but also about other trading programs that are able to give you profit completely automatically.

So, despite the fact that trading in the financial market is considered an active way of earning money, we claim that trading robots are a tool for passive earnings! After all, traders do not need to do anything on their own. I installed it on my platform, clicked on the “Automatic trading” button and you start getting profit automatically, that is, passively.
Of course, you need to spend 15-30 minutes to install and configure the software. However, the same time (at least) you need to spend to find and enter into other passive investments. So, no need to think that trading robots are strong for you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s simple and profitable!

Conditions that affect the effectiveness of Forex earning

Now we will pay a little attention to the conditions that will help you receive Forex passive income steadily and for many years.

So, it may seem to you that any brokerage company gives its clients the same conditions. However, this is not the case. Broker sites may be similar. For trading, you will be given the same MetaTrader platforms, and the result you will receive from different brokers is completely different. And this is the number one condition – if you want to make good passive money on the currency market, then you need to choose the best broker! We recommend ICMarkets broker, which has the best conditions:

A large leverage of 1:500 – this will help you start earning a large income with small investments (it will virtually increase your investment size in the Forex passive income process).
Minimum commission and minimum spread – this will help you save on overhead costs that will accompany the entire process of making a profit. Imagine that you will have to pay a small amount from each transaction. For different brokers, this amount of commission or spread for each transaction is completely different. ICMarkets has established a loyal commission that will help you really save a lot on each trading operation.
Trouble-free and fast trading order execution system. If you use the ICMarkets platform, then all your transactions will be executed instantly and guaranteed. Whereas, other companies never guarantee the quality of execution of your trading orders (in this case, the trading orders of your expert advisor, who will provide your stable Forex passive income).
Quick input and output of capital for investments in automatic trading. Of course, I want to start and withdraw my money quickly, and so that it works flawlessly and guaranteed. No cheating!!! It will be sad to be engaged in trading for 5 years, earn $ 1 million and not be able to withdraw them from the account. Use ICMarkets company and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your capital!

These trading robots do not use the martingale system and can give you a stable profit for many years without the risk of losing all funds in a couple of minutes!

The amount of leverage to get profit on Forex

A little bit about mathematics – certain mathematical calculations still have to be done independently, especially when choosing a trading account. So, earlier we wrote that even $ 200 will be enough to invest in automatic trading. However, provided that your brokerage company gives you a leverage of 1:500. Which will virtually increase your investment amount by 500 times. If you use leverage to get profitonForex around 1:30, then you can forget about big profits at all! After all, it is impossible to have $ 200 in your account, make deals for a couple of cents and earn a million dollars! To increase the capabilities of their clients, brokers add their own money to trading operations.

How does the client’s money increase due to leverage? So, let’s imagine that the size of your deposit is $ 1000 and the broker’s leverage is 1:500. In this case, it will be considered that there is $ 100,000 on your deposit!! That is, this amount of funds will be used for trading.
Further, at the conclusion of each transaction, the broker will bring your trading position with a leverage of 1:500 to the financial market. that is, add your capital to your trading lot volume every time. And in order not to risk your money, the broker always hedges his funds, that is, simultaneously with your BUY transaction, adds his capital to it and makes a SELL transaction of the same volume. In this case, the broker does not care in which direction the quotes will move and you will receive a loss or profit. The broker will be at breakeven in each of your transactions and earn only on the commission that he will take from your trading account for each trading operation. However, at this time you get the opportunity to use the broker’s huge capital and receive tens or even hundreds of dollars of forex passive income instead of cents of profit! That’s how a broker’s leverage works and that’s why it’s important that it be large. For example, the leverage of 1:500 at the ICMarkets broker.

is forex profitable

The size of your capital

This of course also has a big impact on your final passive income in the currency market. Even if the broker gives a large leverage, a small initial deposit will not allow you to quickly increase your capital to 1 million or more. After all, there is a difference how much you will multiply $ 200 or $ 1000 or even $ 10,000!! In simple words – the more you invest in your automated trading, the faster you will get your long-awaited million!
Although, on the other hand, until you have gained experience in managing trading robots, it is better to use a small deposit size for forex passive income for the first couple of months. This will save you from losing money. After all, even if the trading robot works automatically, you can still make a couple of big mistakes during the installation of the software, choosing a trading account for investments, choosing a broker, and calculating the lot correctly. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should act on the following principle:

  1. Use a DEMO account for the first 1-2 months.
  2. Next – use an account with a small capital of $200- $400 for the next 1-2 months
  3. Next – switch to investing more serious capital (if you have such an opportunity). If there is no possibility to increase the amount of trading capital, then you will need some time until the trading robot increases your initial capital to a more or less large form and will be able to work with large funds to give you a large profit on Forex.

Thus, you will enter the Forex investment market gently – with little risk and will be able to receive Forex earning more and more every month.

profit on Forex robot

Gradual growth of Forex passive income

Of course, if the initial amount of your investment (the size of your trading deposit) is about $ 200- $ 500, then from the very beginning you can count on a small Forex income. Usually, the trading robot calculates the size of the transaction based on the size of your capital in the account. The smaller the capital in the account, the smaller the transaction size. The smaller the transaction size, the smaller the profit. Everything is logical and simple!
Thus, as the size of your deposit increases, your passive income on Forex will also increase.
For example, if your initial investment is $200, then in the first months you will earn about $ 50-100. Next – $ 150-300, then (in another six months) about $ 600-900, and so on. That is, along with the growth of your capital, your passive profit on the Forex market will also grow.

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  1. Jack M

    Works stably with a small trading drawdown. I used it for FTMO but the challenge failed. There was not enough 2% profit to fulfill the conditions. Now I use it on a personal account and get about 10% profit per month. The risk is set to minimum.

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