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Progressive algorithm for automatic scalping on M5. Uses 2 trading strategies. Good profitability. Works on the basis of the MT4 platform.

  • Scalping Station EA for MT4
  • Lifetime license without subscription
  • Author’s set-files for quick adjustment for maximum profitability
  • Detailed instruction – how to install and use
  • Technical support


From $3000 to $1 million!

you can accelerate your account using this trading robot!

Control of slippage

Spread filter

Uses Stop Loss

Trend filter

High profitability

Smart algorithm

Chewing, biting, cutting…

our robot will do everything to make a profit for YOU! This software uses 3 trading strategies at the same time, which allows you to triple the trading results:

Strategy 1: “America – Asia” sessions

results of the strategy during the period 2010-2021

9 assets for trade
timeframe for trading: M5
Initial Deposit: $1000
Testing period: 2010-2021
Average monthly return: 15%-30%
The total result (portfolio): from $1000 to $97 113 372

Download test results Strategy 1

Strategy 2: “Asia” session

results of the strategy during the period 2010-2021

9 assets for trade
timeframe for trading: M5
Initial Deposit: $1000
Testing period: 2010-2021
Average monthly return: 15%-30%
The total result (portfolio): from $1000 to $43 161 596

Download test results Strategy 2

Strategy 3 – "Accelerator"

from $1000 to $44 116 over 10 months 

Profitability of more than 50-70% per month!!

Download test results

These are the results of trading robots in reality. Evaluate the real capabilities of the software!

These are the results of trading robots in reality:

How does this robot work?

Fibonacci Extensions

The reference point for making deals is the Fibo extensions of the world-famous mathematician Fibonacci. The expert Advisor detects the price movement between the Fibo levels and makes deals on the strategy of rolling back from the resistance levels.

Smart management with 3 orders

Instead of making a large-volume trade, the EA divides it into 3 parts. All orders are accompanied independently of each other. In this case, the profitability of the trading robot increases several times! At the same time, the trade drawdown is significantly reduced.

Safety first!

We have made sure that the trader’s capital is under reliable protection! Our robot does not use dangerous methods of money management, and each trade has a hard protective Stop Loss order that protects the trader’s deposit from large losses.


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

Installation assistance

Don't know how to install and configure the software?

We will be happy to help you!!

Why our products?!

We are a European company

We are an official European company and work in accordance with European standards!

Everything is serious and real

Our team consists of experienced traders and programmers - we do not create toys! We create real software for serious purposes!

Codes without glitches and bugs

We create professional software that works without bugs and glitches! This is a pure software algorithm that works for your good!


All our products are tested on the real market, as well as stress tests!

How does it work? It’s simple!

So, the expert Advisor tracks the dynamics of the movement of quotes and makes deals at certain levels of Fibo-extension. Fibonacci levels are one of the most accurate tools for analyzing the price chart. Therefore, the expert Advisor knows with about 90% accuracy which way the price will move next. The trading volume is divided into 3 parts, which helps to scalpel price movements with surgical precision when quotes roll back from Fibo levels.

Created for platform:

Video about how this program works

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So, buying this software, you get:

3 robots in 1

This robot can work on 3 strategies. it’s like buying three different programs. This is a great choice for everyone!

Profitability up to 50% per month

The strategies that this robot uses can give more than 50% per month!

Safety for Your capital

This program does not use dangerous methods! Your money will be safe!

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  1. Peter R

    Scalping Station Expert gave me 35% profit in the first month and 49% in the second month. Now I’m preparing to become a millionaire 🙂 Sometimes there may be trading drawdowns, but it goes up very quickly again! This is the best Forex software in my life!

  2. Louis B

    I recommend using this Forex bot with minimal risk. Because if there is a lot of volatility, he can make a big trading drawdown!

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