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Investment trading robot for GBPUSD. Works on M15 timeframe. Gives stable monthly income. Works on MetaTrader 4 platform.

  • Piggy Bank EA for MT4
  • Unlimited license
  • Detailed manual
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Use our investing software for beginners:

The Piggy Bank EA

Why exactly Piggy Bank EA?

Active investing in forex

Most investment funds and banks are engaged in passive investments-they buy assets and wait for them to rise in price. While Piggy Bank EA carries out investing trading. This significantly increases the user’s profit.

Earns even during a crisis!

For Piggy Bank EA, it doesn’t matter what state the global economy is in. Our investing bot makes a profit at any time!! This way you will increase your capital during any crisis!

Your money stays with you!

Your trading capital is in guaranteed accounts of a reliable brokerage company – you can withdraw money at any time back in full or withdraw your profit every month!

A strategy that always works!

We have made sure that the investing strategy of this trading robot works forever! This way, after buying Piggy Bank EA, you will ensure an eternal income!

The Piggy Bank EA investment return

Compare the investment return of Piggy Bank EA with the return of any investment Fund or Bank and you will understand why investing with Piggy Bank EA is much more profitable!

This is the best investing for beginners!

This is what the profitability chart of this investment software looks like - smooth, with minimal drawdown!


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

Why our products?!

We are a European company

We are an official European company and work in accordance with European standards and legislation

Everything is serious and real

Our team consists of experienced traders and programmers - we do not create toys! We create real software for serious purposes!

Money Back Guarantee

If the product you purchased does not work, we will refund your money back!

Codes without glitches and bugs

We create professional software that works without bugs and glitches! This is a pure software algorithm that works for your good!


All our products are optimized and tested on the real market, as well as stress tests!

Installation assistance

Don't know how to install and configure the software?

We will be happy to help you!!

Why is The Piggy Bank EA convenient to use?

Lifetime program without subscription

You do not pay a Commission for using this investment tool! You buy the investing bot Piggy Bank and it becomes your property forever!

Setup in a few clicks

Just 1 click of the button and you can stop or resume Piggy Bank investing for beginners bot operation at any time.

Installation help

After purchasing Piggy Bank EA, our specialist will install this software on your computer (remotely). You will receive detailed instructions on how to use this investment program.

Profit under any circumstances

You can withdraw your profit at any time and use your trading capital as you want and when you want!

User reviews:

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I like this investment expert advisor. It works around the clock and brings a small but stable income of 2-8% per month. The drawdown is minimal – 5-8%. I think this is now my safest tool for generating income!
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This is a very stable and secure trading robot! It uses a grid that works in two directions and closes trades frequently. Trading drawdown never increases. The maximum drawdown that was on my account is 8%.
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This is an inexpensive, but very effective trading robot. I am very glad that I bought it in addition to THE ROCKET EA (also sold in this store). They work on the same account and bring me together about 20% profit per month. In monetary terms, this is about $ 4,000.
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I have several experts, but this Forex investment bot is the safest! It works with minimal trading drawdown and gives the most stable profit. Not a single unprofitable month for 1 year of its use! This is a really cool indicator!
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If you want to invest in the Forex market, then Piggy Bank is probably the most real and working mechanism! My monthly profit is $3000-5000! Last month I increased the size of the deal and this will double my profit size!

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Investing money for beginners – how to get started?

You know for sure that the financial market can give you a high investment income. However, when assessing your prospects, you should understand that different investment products give completely different investment income and different levels of risk. On this page we will talk in detail about such type of investing for beginners as investing in forex. However, we propose to make investments not in the purchase of currencies, but in the technology of short-term trading in currency pairs. That is, this is not a classic investment, but trading, which is able to give you much more!
Of course, you won’t need to do anything yourself. Just install investing software on your computer, click on the automatic trading button and get an automatic profit. Read more about how it works below.

investing forex

Why investing in Forex?

So, the Forex market is one of the largest segments of the financial market. The daily turnover of this market reaches about $ 6 trillion and is constantly growing. We assure you – it is very easy to cut off your small piece from this big pie every day and steadily increase your capital!
At the same time, unlike most other ways of investing, Forex is more than affordable for beginners! If you don’t know where to start, then of course investing money for beginners is best done on the Forex market. A lot of trading and investment services have been developed for this market, which you can use! Our Piggy Bank investing bot is one of the simple and profitable products that can start giving you a stable income right now!


investing for beginners

There are many advantages in favor of Forex investing, namely:

A small down payment to start

In order to start investing in Forex, you only need $ 200. Of course, this amount is not enough to earn millions. However, it is quite enough to start and test the services! In simple words, if you have a capital of $ 200, you can start using investing software on the Forex market right now!

investing software

It works automatically!

You replenish your trading account and install investment software on a special platform. Then the process of making a profit takes place automatically. The investment robot makes transactions and makes a profit. You withdraw this profit and spend it. A good way of investing for beginners!

Forex investing

A large selection of brokerage companies for opening an investment account

If you use investing Forex software, you can open an account for access to the financial market from any Forex broker. There are a lot of such brokers. Personally, we use the services of ICMarkets – this is the standard of quality for trading and investment!

investing service forex

The possibility of using leverage

The disadvantage of having a little money to start with can be made up with a large leverage. There are brokers where you can use leverage of 1:500. And this is a great advantage to start investing for beginners with minimal capital investment! In simple words, you have invested $ 200, and you can trade as if you had 500 times more in your account!

forex investing company

Simplicity of investing software

This is one of the very first and main advantages of investing in the Forex market. In order to start making a profit, you do not need to have a lot of experience. You will be able to master this business within 1-2 days and receive a stable profit for many years!


investing money for beginners

Quick return on investment

With Forex investing, you can double your capital within a few months! Now you understand why Forex is a great choice investing money for beginners!?

investing for beginners forex

The opportunity to enjoy profit at any time

If you invest in the Forex market, then your trading capital is in a special segregated account to which you have direct access at any time. You can withdraw profits or withdraw your capital back at any time! It’s convenient! Earn and use your profits at any time!

scalping utility

The ability to use any currency for investment

Brokerage companies offer to top up a trading account in almost any currency convenient for you. If you don’t want USD, then use EUR or CHF or JPY… this way you can avoid double conversion when depositing and withdrawing your profits.

Professional trading forex

OK, now that you’ve read some of the many benefits of investing for beginners on Forex market, let’s explain how the software works for your profitable investments.

How does investing software work?

So, every Forex investor should first take a few simple steps:

  1. Open a trading and investment account in any brokerage company. We recommend ICMarkets.
  2. It is necessary to choose a convenient type of trading and investment account. Choose a deposit currency that is convenient for you and a leverage of 1:500 – this will help you increase your strength for further trading. As for the size of the trading account, you can start with $200. For such a small deposit, you can find the software here (in our online store). As for PIGGY BANK investing bot, you will need about $5,000 to start using it.
  3. Download the MetaTrader platform from the broker’s website to your home computer (or remote desktop – VPS server). And log in to this program using the name of the trading server, your username and password that the broker assigned to you.
  4. Install Forex investing software on the trading platform according to the instructions. And click on the auto trade button to start the automatic trading process.
  5. The Expert Advisor will start trading automatically, and you can observe this process from the side and use the resulting profit.

Very soon your software will start showing such profitability statistics. Evaluate your capabilities!

A little bit about how investing software PIGGY BANK works

So, after you have installed this software on your platform, a special algorithm will begin to analyze the quotation chart and determine the best moments for making deals. Using the capital on your trading account, PIGGY BANK investing bot will conclude transactions for the purchase and sale of financial assets and earn on short-term changes in their market value. This method of trading is called speculation. Speculation, because you make a profit on the price difference between buying and selling. Probably, such an algorithm is not unusual for you. Anyone understands that if you buy something for $1 today and sell it for $3 tomorrow, you will get $2 of speculative profit. This is how the PIGGI BANK investing bot for beginners algorithm works. However, he makes several dozen such transactions a day and several thousand a year. Accordingly, its trading activities are carried out around the clock. Accordingly, you will be able to make a profit around the clock.

The best broker for investing in Forex

And a few more words about the best brokerage company for Forex investments. We can give you good advice – use ICMarkets, which provides the most comfortable conditions for trading (if you are interested in investing money for beginners) and asks for a minimum replenishment of your trading account. So, if you have chosen ICMarkets, you can start making your first investments with the amount of $ 200 in your trading account. In return, you get a leverage of 1:500 and minimum commissions for trading operations!

2 reviews for PIGGY BANK EA

  1. Mike F

    Trades very stable and profitable. The only problem with this bot is the large initial capital. $5000 is a lot for many users. The only solution is to trade on a cent account

  2. Edivan A

    This is an Unsinkable Forex bot, but you need a lot of money to start. I use it on a cent account.

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