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This expert advisor works on the Price Action strategy. Uses a huge trading portfolio (15 assets) and different trading approaches. For the MT5 platform.

  • Master Price Action EA for MT5
  • Lifetime license without subscription
  • Author’s settings for maximum profitability
  • Detailed instruction – how to install and use
  • Technical support




Enjoy the benefits of Master PA Robot

Large selection of assets

You can use this on a wide range of assets. Almost any asset from your platform. Also, we have prepared ready-made solutions for you.

Round the clock work

The trading robot works around the clock. The more hours of work, the more trades it makes and the more it brings you growth!

Safe and secure

Master PA robot uses an algorithm to protect your account. It protects every SL operation and does not use dangerous working methods.

Minimum Requirements

$200 is enough to start using this trading robot. Your account size will grow rapidly with minimal risk.

How profitable is it?

Here are the results of using Master PA Robot on some popular assets:

Description of work strategy:

Master PA Robot at a certain time analyzes the state of the market – the amplitude, speed of movement and the potential for further movement. After he determines that the probability of making a profit is very high, Master PA makes 1 trade in this direction and sets a TP (which fixes a positive trading result) and an SL (which limits the loss). The levels of these orders are set independently for each deal. According to statistics, in 95% of cases, the deals is profitable. Therefore, the size of your account will grow rapidly. And once again – thanks to the use of SL, it’s safe!

How does it work on the quotes chart?

Only one deal at a time. All trading operations are protected by Stop Loss orders. In simple words – safe trading with amazing results! See for yourself:

As we noted above, Master PA Robot works on almost any asset, so you can significantly expand your trading portfolio!

We will provide the buyer with 3 types of ready-made settings for trading:

Also, we provide detailed instructions on how to set up Master PA Robot to work on assets that are not included in our portfolio. Within 10-20 minutes you will be able to optimize this trading robot to work on almost any asset!


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

Developed for the most popular platform in the world:

These platform are used by over 70% of private traders in the world!

Test results of Master PA Robot

Evaluate the results of Master PA Robot tests on various assets - imagine how fast your account can grow!

Test period 2010-2023

AUDCAD fix-lot

AUDCAD auto-lot

AUDJPY fix-lot

AUDJPY auto-lot

AUDSGD fix-lot

AUDSGD auto-lot

AUDUSD fix-lot

AUDUSD auto-lot

CADJPY fix-lot

CADJPY auto-lot

EURCHF fix-lot

EURCHF auto-lot

EURJPY fix-lot

EURJPY auto-lot

EURUSD fix-lot

EURUSD auto-lot

GBPJPY fix-lot

GBPJPY auto-lot

GBPUSD fix-lot

GBPUSD auto-lot

NZDCAD fix-lot

NZDCAD auto-lot

NZDUSD fix-lot

NZDUSD auto-lot

USDCAD fix-lot

USDCAD auto-lot

USDCHF fix-lot

USDCHF auto-lot

XAUUSD fix-lot

XAUUSD auto-lot

Video about testing Master PA Robot

Benefits for you:

Fully automatic

You only need to install it on the platform. Further - it will work completely automatically. You don't need to do anything more.

Easy Installation

We provide a detailed manual on how to install and use this trading robot. Installing Master PA Robot will take you 5 minutes! It's very simple!

Smart MM

It can work with a fixed size or use an automatic position sizing algorithm. Also, we provide turnkey solutions for the best and safest results.

Maximum Reliability

This trading robot can give 50-100% per month. Flexible settings and a large portfolio of assets make it possible to safely and quickly achieve good results.

We accept payments via:

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7 reviews for Master Price Action Robot

  1. Paul N

    With this EA, I won the FTMO challenge. I used the minimum risk settings. Now I want to use it for different Prop Firms. I think everything will be OK! Excellent advisor, I recommend it to everyone!

  2. Marie N

    This Price Action robot makes a lot of deals, but they hang open for a long time (1-3 days). during this time, the price may turn around and the profit turns into a loss. Developers need to improve this issue. The profit is quite good and I see the potential for the development of this robot.

  3. Amadeo F

    This is a very cool robot. The best one I’ve used in the last 3 years. Thanks for a great product!

  4. Alejandro V

    The test results are almost 100% consistent with real results. This is very pleasing!

  5. Katharina E

    Great EA! I made an index with the broker Darwinex and I have 2 consecutive months of profit! Investors Coming Soon!

  6. Reto M

    Good adviser for MT5. The only thing I don’t like is that the deal can hang for 3-4 days

  7. NoemiMigliore

    I risultati dei test di questo Expert Advisor sono coerenti quasi al 100% con i risultati di trading reali!

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