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Grabber is a Forex intraday trading indicator shows the price channel in which the market quotes move and gives signals when to open and close trades. Good profitability.

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intraday trading indicator


Your accelerator on the Forex Market!

What are the advantages of the trading indicator for beginners GRABBER?

With this Forex for beginners strategy, you can accelerate your trading account by 100-200% in just 1 month! Double your capital every month!

The GRABBER trading indicator for beginners is easy to use. You can learn how to use this indicator in just a few minutes! Start receiving signals right now!

This trading indicator for MT4/MT5 platforms works on any currency pair and on any timeframe – a huge number of opportunities on your trading platform!

This Forex for beginners indicator is equipped with a system of smart signals – PUSH and email notifications. You will learn in time about the need to open and close deals!

How does the Fibo indicator GRABBER work on a real account?

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How the GRABBER Forex channel strategy works?

Trading in the price channel

The Forex intraday trading indicator shows the price channel in which the market quotes move – you will always know the limits of the market movement.

Clear trading signals

The price went out of the Forex price channel – you get a signal to make a deal. Everything works simply and clearly!

Effective signal filter

The GRABBER trading indicator for beginners uses filters that help you find the most accurate levels for making deals and getting the maximum profit.

Smart trading goals

The Forex for beginners signal channel GRABBER shows you where to place the take profit level – this is the center of the price channel, which always adjusts to the market situation.

Smart math

In order for your trades to make a profit, the Forex channel indicator uses a smart mathematical algorithm that tells you where to place new orders to make a profit.

Diversification always

This channel strategy can be used simultaneously on several assets, so you can always diversify your trading positions.

Account acceleration

Thanks to the efficiency of this Forex for beginners system, you can quickly increase the size of your trading account.

Scalping and investment

This Fibo indicator mt4/mt5 works on any timeframe – you can invest on the D1 chart or scalp every day on the M5.

Uniqueness of the algorithm

This Forex intraday trading indicator can be used in conjunction with other technical indicators – develop your own systems, invent and get even more!


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How does the Forex channel indicator GRABBER work in the strategy tester?!

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User reviews:

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Easy to use and profitable. I can't add anything else. Probably these are two factors that everyone will like!
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If you trade with this indicator, then you will have a lot of profit. However, a grid is used here, so sometimes you will find a large trading drawdown. You will be able to receive about 100% profit monthly. That is, you will be able to double the size of your deposit every month ... Agree, it's cool!
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Я научился прибыльно использовать эту систему за 5 минут))) Все очень просто! Рекомендую! Моя прибыль в первый месяц 2000$.
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A good system for those who want to quickly increase the size of a trading account. My first month of using GRABBER system brought me 200%!! This is beyond my expectations!
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Cool indicator! I recommend everything to beginners and those who already have some experience!

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  1. Franco O

    Very profitable. I recommend it to everyone!

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