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Multi-currency scalper for trading during the Asian session. Works on M5 timeframe. Portfolio of 7 currency pairs.

  • EA AnglerFish for MT4
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EA AnglerFish

Super profitable Metatrader robot

You can become a real predator in a few clicks!

We have created a Metatrader EA that can and will make money for You. All that remains is – put the robot on the quote chart and count the profit

Metatrader bot

What are the Advantages of this Metatrader software?

Trend control

This Metatrader robot is always in control of the trend. Therefore, you will always trade in the direction of the main price movement. This is the safest type of trading.

98% success rate

The number of profitable trades of this Metatrader EA exceeds 98%. This means that most trades will give you a profit!

Protection for each deal

All deals of this Metatrader expert advisor are protected by Stop Loss orders. Accordingly, if something goes wrong, you will not lose all your money. The losses will be commensurate.

How does the Metatrader robot AnglerFish work?

The Metatrader software AnglerFish waits for the time when the market moves in a quiet rhythm. This is the end of the American session and the beginning of the Asian session. Determines the direction of the global trend. As soon as the price touches the border of the price channel against the trend direction, the Metatrader bot makes a deal – in 98% of cases, the profit will be on your account!


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

At the same time, the Metatrader robot uses a whole system of auxiliary indicators and filters:

These are the results of Metatrader software in reality. Evaluate the real capabilities of the software!

These are the results of trading robots in reality:

Created for:

How profitable is it? Evaluate it yourself!

How much can you earn?

EA AnglerFish results 2010-2020

Why our products?!

We are a European company

We are an official European company and work in accordance with European standards and legislation

Everything is serious and real

Our team consists of experienced traders and programmers - we do not create toys! We create real software for serious purposes!

Money Back Guarantee

If the product you purchased does not work, we will refund your money back!

Codes without glitches and bugs

We create professional software that works without bugs and glitches! This is a pure software algorithm that works for your good!


All our products are optimized and tested on the real market, as well as stress tests!

Installation assistance

Don't know how to install and configure the software?

We will be happy to help you!!

User reviews:

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This MetaTrader robot works quite aggressively. Sometimes it scares.... However, the result every month is always positive!
Read More
I think this is one of the coolest trading experts in my portfolio! My initial deposit was $2000. After 2 months of use, my capital in the account is $ 5000. Agree, it's cool!?!
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This is a really cool trading robot, but be sure that your broker has RAW accounts (narrow spread). Because it won't work on other accounts!
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I bought a couple of automated trading programs on this site. This proposal turned out to be the most effective. However, the trading drawdown of this bot is 5-25%... sometimes it scares me!
Read More
Don't worry, this software really knows how to work well. Profitability is about the same as the seller promises. I get about 15%-40% profit from my account amount every month. In one month I even got 80%. However, it was once!)))

How to setup

We accept payments through the systems:

What is a Metatrader robot?

Automatic algorithms have capture almost all human activities. The financial sector is no exception! With the help of special programs, users can trade completely automatically. Such automatic trading is performed with the help of Metatrader robots, which can be used by anyone, even those who do not have experience in financial trading. Considering that the most popular platform for automatic trading is MetaTrader, the most popular trading software in the world is Metatrader software.
Below, we will describe how such software works for Forex and other sectors of the financial market, as well as how our Metatrader AnglerFish trading robot works.

How does the Metatrader expert advisor work?

So, the MetaTrader platform supports automatic trading, which traders can carry out with the help of special programs of Metatrader expert advisors. Such programs are the product of the invention of traders in cooperation with programmers who can write programs in the Mq4 or Mq5 language (programming languages based on which the MT4 and MT5 platforms work, respectively).

Inside such MT4/MT5 software, the rules of trading according to a certain strategy are set out in the programming language and rules for opening / closing transactions are added, as well as the necessary additional functions. The result is a program that can automatically (independently) analyze the market, open deals and close deals. In simple words, MetaTrader EA trades completely automatically and earns profit for its user.

The MT4/MT5 trading platform has a gateway to the broker’s server, where the trader’s trading account is opened (for example – our team uses ICMarkets broker). Whereas, a brokerage company provides access to the financial market (to a liquidity provider) through its server, where a trader enters into transactions (to be more precise, where MetaTrader software enters into transactions).


Of course, we are talking about trading operations in which the trader’s capital is involved. When a deal is concluded, it is displayed on the stock exchange. That is, at the expense of the user’s funds, a trading operation is performed. If a trader makes a profit, then this profit is credited to his trading account. If a trader receives a loss, then funds are debited from his trading account (in accordance with the volume of the trading order).

In general, you understand – this is absolutely not a game, but a serious matter, with which many traders make large profits and some losses. This is how the financial market works, where the profit of some traders is provided at the expense of the losses of other traders. In this process, a special role is played by MetaTrader robots, which perform trading operations. According to well-known statistics, trading robots account for about 70% of trading operations in the financial market. So, it will be quite specific – if you want to make a profit on trading, then you’d better follow the path of automatic trading, which is now the predominant way of making deals and making a profit!
A little above, we demonstrated what the expert advisors of MetaTrader can earn. Let’s repeat – it can be thousands of percent of profit! EA AnglerFish is no exception. This trading robot is capable of receiving thousands of percent of profit. You have seen the test results above – you can get the same profit personally!

How is a trading robot created for a MetaTrader?

However, let’s go back to the very beginning and consider one interesting question – how is the Metatrader bot created? How does he know when to open deals and how to make a profit? How does he even know what the money he needs to earn is? After all, this is an ordinary program code!
The thing is that any MetaTrader software is the result of the work of traders and programmers. Any trading robot is created as follows:

A trader comes up with a new trading strategy or improves an old strategy. It does not matter where and how such a strategy is born. The main thing is that there is a strategy that can make a profit. The strategy consists of clear rules for market analysis (trading asset quotes chart), determining the conditions for a new transaction + clear rules for opening a trading operation and fixing profit or loss. The rules of such a strategy should be formalized and clear, because only such rules can be described inside the trading robot algorithm. The programmer cannot write inside the adviser’s code that the program should somehow find an opportunity to trade and somehow open and close deals. On the contrary, clear rules for opening transactions and clear rules for making a profit can be set out in the program code.
So, the MetaTrader robot is an automatic trading strategy with clear trading rules.

Metatrader software trading

The programmer uses these clear rules of the trading strategy and writes program code in the programming language MQ4 (for the MT4 platform) or MQ5 (for the MT5 platform), which describes all the rules for market analysis, opening deals, profit and profit taking. A lot of useful functions are added to this program, for example, a spread filter, a price slippage filter, a time filter, money management (automatic calculation of a trading lot) and much more. As a result, the programmer turns the trading strategy that the trader came up with into a software meta trader, whose task is to automatically trade and bring profit to the user.So, the MetaTrader robot is an automatic trading strategy with clear trading rules.

What do they do with a metatrader bot?

When there is already a ready-made program for automatic trading, it remains to install it in your MT4 platform and activate the automatic trading function. Next, the Metatrader expert advisor will begin to follow the rules defined inside its algorithm and conclude transactions. If the strategy used by EA is profitable, then the user will receive a profit. If the strategy is unprofitable, the user will receive losses. It’s simple!
Installing a trading robot in the MT4/MT5 platform takes only a few minutes. Next, the expert Advisor works automatically for many years. He doesn’t need anything but internet access. Accordingly, your trading platform (on which such software is installed must be turned on all the time).

A fair question is – if the platform must be turned on, then the computer on which this platform is installed must be constantly turned on? Yes it is!
Traders who constantly use MetaTrader robots rent a special VPS server (remote desktop in cloud storage), which simulates the environment of the Windows operating system.
In this case, you transfer your platform to the cloud storage on which your remote desktop is located and your MetaTrader platform will always be on this desktop “in the cloud” turned on and running. This means that you will provide your trading robot with constant access to the Internet and the ability to trade automatically.
MetaTrader robot AnglerFish is no exception – this program (like all other trading robots) needs constant access to the Internet.

How much can you earn with MT4 software?

A good program for MT4/MT5 can cost more than $ 100. Sometimes the price reaches more than 1000-5000 $. After all, software that will help you get a stable monthly profit (for example, $ 1000-5000 every month) cannot be distributed for free. Thus, if you estimate the cost of MT4/MT5 EA, then you should understand that these programs can really cost a lot. However, believe me, just 1 month of using such robots will help you fully return the capital spent on the purchase and earn many times more.
As for the profitability of such software, it can certainly be different. It all depends on several conditions at once, namely:

Software efficiency. After all, not all trading strategies bring big profits with small risks. There are systems that can give you 100% per month, but there are those that can also bring losses. If you want a time–tested Forex robot, follow this link to our online store!
Terms of the brokerage company. Often, the poor conditions of the account that you open for automatic software make it impossible to earn anything at all. You may be hindered by a large spread or huge price slippage during the execution of transactions, a small leverage … We advise you to immediately choose the best company for automatic trading in order to immediately get excellent results, and not change the broker later, when you are sure that this is a really important issue!
Below we will give examples of what a good trading robot can do. Our AnglerFish software can show the same statistics:

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  1. Max K

    This software makes a profit, but it can be a month with a loss. This is probably standard, but I want a more stable profit. Last month it was -7%. In March I got +17%

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