07 Jan

Convert a web page to a WordPress Theme in 5 minutes.

Everything you need is in the roll-your-own-theme.zip file.

WordPress blogs are getting to be like Pop Music – same words, same music, same beat, different song. They are variations on a single theme and that theme is the WordPress default. A certain sameness creeps into WordPress sites so that “Yet another WordPress Site” becomes the norm and not just a default setting on the admin panel.

Most web designers can pull off interesting stuff, but because creating a new theme is usually based on hacking the default theme, they are limited in what they can attempt. I’ve been converting a good number of blogs from static pages or blogger.com templates using the default theme hacks. This is time consuming and means that I spend most of my time fitting style into rigid constraints. I wind up castrating a client’s design to shoehorn things into the limiting container of the default theme.