PIRANHA FX is a scalper with predator habits!

Used authoring system of scalping simultaneously on a M1 and M5 timeframes.

Trading is conducted on 4 different currency pairs

EA demonstrates its effectiveness on a real account for a long time

Does not require manual intervention from the trader

Steadily increases the capital on the trading account

Expert Advisor does not use dangerous methods of money management.

Monitoring PIRANHA FX mod#1
Real account

What is the trading strategy at PIRANHA FX?

EA works on M1 and M5 timeframes and accurately scalps the slightest price movements.

Use time and day filters to select the best time to trade. This helps to significantly increase trading efficiency.

EA controls the direction of the trend and trade only in the direction of the market. This tactic is much safer than trading against the trend.

EA it trades 4 different currency pairs EURUSD GBPUSD EURGBP EURUSD. This significantly diversifitsirovat trading results.

To protect each trading position from significant losses, EA always sets stop orders.

The robot never uses such dangerous methods of money management as martingale or averaging.

To reduce risks, EA never trades on Friday night before the weekend and does not move trades over the weekend.

EA trades on price rollbacks, which significantly improves efficiency and reduces trade drawdown.

If the price goes against the deal, EA closes the position on the rollback and does not wait when the quotes to reach the SL level.

Test results at PIRANHA FX
What dynamics does this automatic expert Advisor show on a long history?





EA tests demonstrate amazing stability
and confirm that the profitability of the real account has a long-term character!

What are the main advantages of PIRANHA FX?

EA does not use dangerous money management methods such as martingale, averaging or locking. Thus, the risk of one-time capital loss is reduced to zero.

Stable capital growth is confirmed by a long history of using EA on a real account. Than longer EA shows efficiency on a real account, the more likely it is that the robot will work well in the future!

EA is able to work on 4 currency pairs and two timeframes M1 and M5 (mod# and mod#2) that diversifies trading results and expands investors ‘ opportunities.

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€199 lifetime
  • 1 real account
  • 1 demo account
  • Detailed Manual
  • Set of auto-settings

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€299 lifetime
  • 2 real accounts
  • 1 demo account
  • Detailed Manual
  • Set of auto-settings

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Additional benefits of PIRANHA FX buyers

24/7 Support

We will help you with the configuration of the trading robot and answer all questions related to its trade!

Detailed Manual

Complete with the adviser you will receive a detailed manual on how to set up and use it!

Automatic configuration

The package includes special set-files for automatic configuration of the trading robot

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