high-tech trading robot

From 1 : 1

Minimal leverage

From 100 $

Minimal account

Around the clock

Trading time

Suitable for users from the USA, Europe and Asia

Large portfolio of assets:

The COSMOTAUT system works equally well on currency pairs, indices, gold, oil, and so on. If you do not find the assets you need in the list of available assets for trading, enable optimization – the Expert Advisor will select new parameters for trading in a few minutes! With the help of the COSMONAUT system, you can find hundreds of new assets to trade and create your own portfolio!

Currency pairs

Almost any currency pairs: majors, crosses, exotics... you can trade with margin requirements of 1:30 or more!


This will work on gold, silver, oil, and other commodities! The robot works without problems on classic assets!


Do you want to earn money on indexes? The COSMONAUT system is able to trade on almost any stock index!

Test results:

Currency pairs

Currency pairs are one of the most common asset classes for automated trading. A good choice for a quick start! Currency pairs are available on the platform of any broker. Good liquidity and minimal spreads. EA COSMONAUT uses different timeframes (from M1 to H4) and strategies to trade on currency pairs.


Commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil and others) are among the most popular assets for trading. Good liquidity, minimal slippage, and fast execution give us good trading conditions. The robot COSMONAUT will help you make a profit and increase the size of your account!


Stock indices – its a good choice for trading! The indices have good volatility and liquidity. So, if you want to get a good profit – install the robot COSMONAUT on the portfolio of index assets!

Suitable for users from any country:

It doesn’t matter what country you live in! Our trading complex can operate according to the regulations of the USA, Europe and Asia!

Minimal leverage

This trading robot is able to work with any leverage from 1:1 or more. Accordingly, you can use it on the platform of any broker under any strict regulation - the United States, Europe, Asia...

Minimal account

For the launch of the COSMONAUT system, $100 in the account is enough. You can start using it with minimal capital, respectively, without risk!

Around the clock

The Cosmonaut system can works around the clock - day and night, regardless of day of the week. Round-the-clock trading - round-the-clock growth of your capital!

Portfolios for trading:

Each buyer receives set-files for automatically configuring the trading robot to work on different strategies, namely:

Basic system:

Intraday Scalping:

American-Asian Scalping:

How does it work?

Trend direction

COSMONAUT robot constantly analyzes the direction of the trend and trades only following the trend - this is the safest and most effective trading tactic!

Trading on pullbacks

To make deals, this trading robot chooses the best moments - when the price rolls back before a new wave of movement.

Immediate goals

This trading robot uses a smart profit fixing system - it places Take Profit orders, and also closes trades automatically when they reach overbought and oversold levels.

Time-tested system

The strategy of the robot COSMONAUT is time-tested. It worked well 10 years ago and works well today. Don't worry - it will work well tomorrow!

Why it's safety:

Stop Loss protection

The COSMONAUT robot protects each trade with a Stop Loss protection order. It will limit your financial losses in time and keep your capital safe!

No more than 1 deal

The COSMONAUT trading robot does not use dangerous money management systems. It opens only 1 trade at a time. This way you can not be afraid of large trading drawdowns!

Maximum diversification

This trading robot can be used on various groups and asset classes. A broad portfolio will help you diversify your trading results and make a profit regardless of the state of the market.

Risk-free strategy

The strategy of the trading robot COSMONAUT is safe and created for a stable and smooth increase in your capital. It cuts losses and increases profits!


feel the maximum effect with a minimal risk!


  • ** For 1 trading account
  • EA SCALPING STATION for MT4 platform
  • Configuration for strategy “America”
  • Configuration for Strategy “Asia”
  • Detailed manual
  • Technical support

How to setup

* For unlimited trading accounts – allows to use the product an unlimited time on an unlimited number of trading platforms, computers and trading accounts. After the purchase, the user specify the trading account name – we write this name inside the indicator code. Thus, the robot will work only on the account name that is write inside its code.

** For 1 trading account – allows to use the product on one specific trading account (with a specific number) for an unlimited time. After the purchase, the user specify the trading account number – we write this number inside the indicator code. Thus, the robot will work only on the account number that is write inside its code.

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