PRICE ACTION REAL POWER is an indicator that works on the author’s exclusive algorithm for determining trend movements. Unlike other traditional indicators, PRICE ACTION REAL POWER doesn’t analyze the quotes of a currency pair, but calculates the specific weight of the currencies in a pair concerning to the entire market basket!!
Further — the received value about the true strength of the two currencies included in a currency pair is compared to each other in the form of a special chart, which defines the beginning and the end of trend movements much more accurately and faster.

The PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator shows us much more profitable waves than unprofitable. At the same time, the length of the profitable wave on average is several times greater than that of the unprofitable. Thus, in order to make a profit, we only need to properly configure our money-management system and specify trading conditions. Now we will share with you some of my own experience of using this indicator.

What are the advantages of the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator?

This indicator really helps to make money! Tested on real accounts of thousands traders!

This indicator allows you to trade on multiple trading strategies — «Trend», «Channel», «Divergence» expanding your trading opportunities!

The indicator can be used in trading on 30 different currency pairs. This increases a profitability of system!

The indicator is equipped with a system of smart signals — PUSH and email notifications. You will learn in time about the need to open and close deals!

How the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER strategy works?

The indicator demonstrates the real strength of the market — it helps to determine the real price trend of the currency pairs

By identifying conditions for trading, the indicator gives the trader a signal for trading, which is accompanied by a push and email notification.

The indicator shows the levels at which you need to set Take Profit orders

The system of trailing Take Profit allows you to increase profitability and reduce trading drawdown.

The indicator works so that you can close losing trades in time. This system is much better than the classic Stop Loss

The indicator can be used simultaneously on 30 different currency pairs, which increases profitability and diversifies results.

The indicator REAL POWER is set up for maximum results and optimized for trading on the long-term history of quotations used for trading pairs

REAL POWER is able to give signals on three trading strategies at once — «Trend», «Channel» and «Divergence».

You can use the indicator on timeframes: M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1. That is, to conclude a short-term and long-term deals.

High profitability of trading signals with minimal drawdown!

This indicator has become the favorite tool of thousands traders from around the world !!

How does the indicator work REAL POWER on a real account??!

Due to its high profitability, REAL POWER will earn back the funds, spent on its purchase, within a few days

REAL POWER works on 30 currency pairs and 5 timeframes — it diversifies trading result and increases profitability!

REAL POWER works on a real account and tested by thousands of traders

REAL POWER — is a safe strategy for managing any amount of capital!

Buy REAL POWER today and ensure a stable capital growth for many years!

This indicator has become the favorite tool of thousands traders from around the world !!



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Automatic configuration

The package includes special set-files for automatic configuration of the trading robot

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