Index Gravity


Artificial intelligence inside for analysis and trading. The perfect tool for making a profit!

What about a professional GRAVITY SYSTEM indicator?

The GRAVITY SYSTEM the unique technical indicator, which works according to the rule – «all-inclusive». During its creation We tried to solve several important

  • to make the special tool which work on any market – for this We have integrated into the indicator a intelligent algorithm of self-optimization©, which automatically adjusts the parameters of the indicator to obtain the maximum trading result, and in the case of transition of the market to another state, the indicator was able to quickly adjust to all changes;
  • to make the technical indicator easy to trade – for this We equipped this tool with a system of pop-up alerts, visual arrows that show when to open trades and when to close deals;
  • so that the trader could see the profitability of the Gravity system before using – for this We have integrated into this technical indicator a system of counting statistics, which shows the profitability of the system in the history of the last 5000 bars;
  • so that the indicator gives the maximum profit (10-30% per month)
  • so that the indicator gives the minimal losses. 

The advantages of GRAVITY SYSTEM:

Self-optimization© algorithm

This is the first technical indicator in the world that independently analyzes the market and optimizes itself in accordance with all changes.

Works on many assets

You can use this technical indicator on almost any asset and on any timeframe. Your possibilities will have no limits.

Really cool!

This TOP indicator is really a good tool for manual trading, it is used by professional traders and brings real profit.

PUSH & e-mail - notifications

This technical indicator will tell you in time when to open and when to close deals. This tool professionally analyzes the market and gives clear guidance about new deals.

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How does our GRAVITY SYSTEM work?

The Power of the Market Gravity

The our technical indicator analyzes the force of market gravity and always knows which way the price will move. So, the trader always gets the information on time.

Maximum diversification

This technical indicator works so that the trader always diversifies the risks – you trade on many assets at the same time and this is the maximum diversification.

Any timeframe for trading

With this Gravity System tool, you can trade on any timeframe. From M5 to D1. You will always get the expected good result.

Long-term optimization

The tool GRAVITY SYSTEM analyzes a huge period of price history and uses this information to accurately optimize signals.

Your professionalism doesn’t matter

Your experience and level of professionalism do not matter. The indicator gives clear and understandable signals even for a beginner.

Minimal risks

If the trade is unprofitable, then the indicator’s artificial intelligence will always tell you when to exit the market with a minimal loss.

Best trading goals

Our best trading indicator shows the place to set TP, so its operation will always be clear and simple.

Profit under any circumstances

This technical indicator works so that you get the maximum profit under any circumstances.

Without redrawing

This indicator is not redrawn. Thus, the trader can always be sure of the accuracy of the indicator signals.

Examples of real trading

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Why is it profitable?

Profit is more than price

The price of this technical indicator is significantly less than the profit that you can get using this indicator!

More than 140 trading tools

Gravity System works on 5 timeframes and 28 currency pairs.  This strategy increases the profit and diversifies the results!

Verified in reality

This TOP indicator tested on the real market by thousands of traders

Artificial intelligence

This indicator is based on artificial intelligence, it independently analyzes the market and optimizes itself.


2 products in 1 package!!


This is an indicator with artificial intelligence inside, which analyzes the market index, creates a trading strategy for you and gives signals when new trading conditions arise. You make deals manually.


Semi-automatic robot which accompanies all your trades and closes them automatically in accordance with the rules of the INDEX GRAVITY SYSTEM – with maximum profit and accuracy.


Buy Gravity System today. This is your first step in the direction of profit!!


  • ** For 1 trading account
  • file of Gravity Utility
  • Presets for automatic configuration
  • Detailed manual
  • Technical support

How to setup

* For unlimited trading accounts – allows to use the product an unlimited time on an unlimited number of platforms, computers and accounts. After the purchase, the user specify the account name – we write this name inside the indicator code. Thus, the indicator will work only on the account name that is write inside its code.

** For 1 trading account – allows to use the product on one specific account (with a specific number) for an unlimited time. After the purchase, the user specify the account number – we write this number inside the indicator code. Thus, the product will work only on the account number that is write inside its code.

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