Hunting cat Scalper free download

Hunting cat Scalper free download

Are you interested in a professional safe and profitable advisor for trend trading? Take Hunting cat Scalper free download! This is a hacked forex robot that works on a real account and trades with minimal drawdown. Below we will write a detailed overview of this software for online automatic trading and publish a link for its download.

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Hunting Cat EA Review

So, let’s start with the fact that the Hunting cat expert advisor is sold on the MQL market at a price of $699. However, on our site you can download its unlimited version for free. Link to Hunting cat Scalper free download is at the bottom of this page.
This EA for algorithmic trading works on two completely different strategies and has 2 monitors that show exactly how it works on real accounts. These are the monitors:

Monitoring of trading Hunting cat EA according to a trend strategy using a trailing stop:

Monitoring of trading Hunting cat EA according to a trend strategy with hedging of open positions:

Hunting Cat scalper

For those who understand what money management is, we will announce the good news – this Forex bot uses Stop Loss protective orders, which can significantly reduce the trading drawdown and risks. Thus, if you use this robot, you will not be able to lose your trading capital. On the contrary, you will gradually increase it. By the way, this Forex Algo software uses automatic money management and will gradually increase the size of the lot in parallel with the increase in the size of your trading capital.
Trading strategy Hunting cat Scalper free download is a scalping of new trend movements on the USDJPY currency pair. At the same time, this program can use 3 different trading strategies – breakout scalping, trading on a trend with hedging open transactions, using two systems at the same time. Thus, the user can choose which trading tactics he wants.

This EA trades only pending orders. In this case, you can use any leverage in the range from 1:1 to 1:1000. In any case, the Hunting cat Scalper free download adviser will give you quite stable profitability.
The trading activity of this Forex software is not very high. He makes only 1-2 trades during the day. Sometimes there are days when there are no transactions at all. Therefore, if you decide to use Hunting cat Scalper free download, you should understand that it will not start trading in the first second after installing it on the quotes chart. It will start trading approximately 12 hours after the start of its use in Forex.

How to use Hunting cat EA correctly

So, if you want to get the same trading results as on the monitorings above, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Leverage from 1:1 and above
  • The account type for trading is an account with a narrow spread. The developer of this Expert Advisor uses the RAW SPREAD account of ICMarkets.
  • Assets for trading – USDJPY currency pair only
  • Timeframes for trading: M30, H1 and H4 (in our archive you will find set-files for automatically setting up the Expert
  • Advisor on different timeframes).
  • Trading hours are around the clock. In order not to keep your PC constantly on, it is better to rent a VPS server.


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Our opinion on Hunting cat Scalper

This is a safe trading robot that you will love if you want to get good profit with minimal risk. It does not use a grid and does not use martingale. Every trade of this Expert Advisor is protected by Stop Loss orders, so you can rest easy – Hunting cat EA will never destroy your deposit.
Of course, like any other Expert Advisor, this robot also has periods of trading drawdowns. However, the recovery factor of this bot is very high. It will quickly recover and will continue to bring you profit.

Hunting cat Scalper EA