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How to use EA Range Correlator

So, EA FOREX CORRELATION robot for Forex trading works completely automatically. In order to start earning with it, you need to install EA on your trading platform MetaTrader5 and enable the “Automatic trading” button. This Forex robot will do everything else by itself. Now we will describe in detail how to install and configure the Expert Advisor for Forex correlation trading.

Installing EA RANGE CORRELATOR in the MetaTrader5 platform

After we have sent you the ex5 file of the RANGE CORRELATOR trading robot to your email address, download this file to your computer.

In the MetaTrader5 platform open the “File” tab and select ” Open Data Folder”

After the platform root directory opens, select the MQL5 folder:

Select the “Experts” folder and copy the EA RANGE CORRELATOR file to this folder:

Download the set-files for automatic configuration of the Expert Advisor here:


Unpack the zip archive and copy its contents to the “Presets” folder

Restart your MetaTrader5 trading platform so that the platform makes all the changes made to its internal register and the RANGE CORRELATOR Expert Advisor becomes available in the menu of your platform.

Setting up a robot for Forex correlation trading

Activate the “Automatic trading” function on your MetaTrader5 platform.

Click the View tab and select ” Market Watch”

Right-click on the top of the “Symbol” menu and enable the display of all currency pairs available for trading

Select the AUDCAD currency pair and set the H1 timeframe for its quote chart

Click on the “View” tab and select ” Navigator”

In the menu that opens, select Expert Advisors and find EA RANGE CORRELATOR.
Drag the EA RANGE CORRELATOR to the open chart of AUDCAD currency pair quotes. 

Immediately after installing the Expert Advisor on the quote chart, the settings window opens. Select “Inputs”.

Click on the “Loads” button and select the set file whose name begins AUDCAD-AUDCHF. Thus, you can choose the settings for trading on the correlation of AUDCAD and AUDCHF currency pairs.
Click on the “Open” button to apply those settings for the EA RANGE CORRELATOR.

What currency pairs can be traded on the correlation?

Pay attention to the name of the set files for configuring the expert Advisor. The expert Advisor can trade Forex correlations of all currency pairs for which we have prepared automatic settings.

At the same time, you need to install EA RANGE CORRELATOR on the currency pair whose name is first in the name of the set file.
For example, to set up an expert Advisor for Forex trading correlations between the EURUSD-GBPUSD currency pairs, open the EURUSD quote chart and select the set file named EURUSD-GBPUSD.

Given that this Expert Advisor currently has 10 automatic configuration files, you can use this robot to trade on 10 different quote windows. In this case, you get a widely diversified portfolio for trading! If you use this expert Advisor to trade on 10 quote Windows with all the set files prepared by us, the profitability of this system will be from 100% per year or more!

Buy EA Range Correlator and let your capital grow steadily!


  • ** For 1 trading account
  • EA Range Correlator for MT5 platform
  • Presets for automatic configuration
  • Detailed manual
  • Technical support

* For unlimited trading accounts – allows to use the product an unlimited time on an unlimited number of trading platforms, computers and trading accounts. After the purchase, the user specify the trading account name – we write this name inside the indicator code. Thus, the robot will work only on the account name that is write inside its code.

** For 1 trading account – allows to use the product on one specific trading account (with a specific number) for an unlimited time. After the purchase, the user specify the trading account number – we write this number inside the indicator code. Thus, the robot will work only on the account number that is write inside its code.

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