How to set up AUTOMATRON

AUTOMATRON is as automated as possible. This indicator:

  • Independently analyzes the market
  • Independently determines the best moments for making deals and closing them
  • Gives alerts, PUSH-notifications and emails about the need of opening and closing
  • Independently calculates the statistics of the implementation of trading signals.

After installation AUTOMATRON on the quotation chart, trader can see:

  • what percentage of profitable Forex signals does the indicator give
  • how many points of profit do indicator trading signals bring.

Thus, you can know almost for sure what kind of trading result you will get in the future if you use this Forex signals for market analysis and trading.

Now, a little bit about, how to set this indicator on quotes chart and start using it yourself.

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Installing and setting the AUTOMATRON Forex signals indicator

Click on the “Market Watch” button and open the quotes chart of any currency pair.

Click on the Navigator button, select the section “indicators” and drag the indicator onto the quotes chart with a computer mouse.

After purchasing the indicator, we will send you an archive of set files for automatic system configuration.

Attention: from time to time, the profitability of signals on different currency pairs changes. If you have applied a set file to automatically configure the indicator and see minimal profitability, then try using set files from other currency pairs to configure the indicator on this currency pair. For example, if you set up an indicator for the EUR/AUD and see minimal or negative profitability, then try using on this currency pair set files for GBP/CAD or EUR/CAD, and so on.

For applying the set-file, click on the “LOAD” button on the indicator settings window and apply the set-file, the name of which corresponds to the selected currency pair and timeframe.

Thus, you will make the indicator fine tuning, and now AUTOMATRON Forex signals indicator can be used for automatic market analysis and receiving Forex signals.

The AUTOMATRON signals for Forex

After the conditions for trading appear on the quotes chart, the AUTOMATRON indicator will give a special ALERT, which contains information about the “currency pair on which trading conditions have appeared, about the timeframe and trading direction”.

This alert will appear in the form of a special information window that will open on your Meta Trader 4 platform. Also, the indicator has the function of sending push notifications. This will allow you to receive the trading signals (alerts) of the AUTOMATRON indicator directly to your smartphone.

To use PUSH notifications, download the mobile version of Meta Trader 4 to your smartphone and follow the steps described here.

How to use the AUTOMATRON signals for Forex

So, as soon as you have received the AUTOMATRON trading signal for Forex, perform a trading operation following the information of the signal. For example, if you received the signal “M60 timeframe, EURUSD, Diver for SELL”, make a SELL deal on EURUSD using the functionality of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. 

When to close a deal?

The advantage of the AUTOMATRON indicator is that it gives trading signal for Forex both for opening trades and about the needing for closing them. Thus, the AUTOMATRON indicator will also inform you about the best moment for closing your deal in the form of a special ALERT and PUSH notification. As soon as the signal for closing the deal appears, close your deal in the MetaTrader 4 platform and wait for appearance of a new trading signal. In simple words – the trader’s task is to follow the indicator’s signals   ALERTS) clearly and open and close deals in time. The result is not long in coming. The AUTOMATRON Forex signal indicator is set up so that a trader gets the maximum trading result and quickly increases his trading capital!

Statistics and visualization of the AUTOMATRON Forex signals indicator

The AUTOMATRON indicator uses a special system of virtual deals and visualization of trading signals. As soon as a condition for trading appears on the quotes chart, the indicator, in parallel with the trading alert, places the line indicating the occurrence of divergence. After the signal about closing the deal, the indicator connects the level of the signal appearance with the level of its closure. After that, the indicator counts the number of profit or loss points that were received during the implementation of this signal. All the Forex signals statistics are summarized and displayed in a separate table in the upper left corner of the quotes chart.

Thus, we can see right on a quotes chart all trading signal for Forex trading signals of the indicator and statistics of their implementation. As you can see on my screenshot – as a result of using the AUTOMATRON Forex signals indicator, on the EURCAD currency pair the H4 timeframe, a trader could get +48260 pips of profit. And this is only one currency pair!! The AUTOMATRON indicator is configured for trading on a huge number of currency pairs and on the H1 and H4 timeframes!! So, you can assess its potential and its capabilities on your own!! These opportunities are awesome!!