Hidden EA free Download

Hidden EA free Download

This robot is sold on the Internet for $500, but on our website you can download it for free! Hidden EA free Download link is located at the bottom of the page. Now we will take a closer look at this Forex scalper. We will identify its strengths and weaknesses and give recommendations that will be useful for its further use. So let’s go!

EA Hidden review

It is difficult to find in our time a trading bot that will use the classic rules of money management. EA Hidden Forex Scalper is also not a safe trading bot. It does not use Stop Loss protection for each order, but makes orders according to the grid system with the addition of martingale. In simple words, EA HIDDEN uses dangerous money management, so even if you get a good profit during the first few months of using it, you still need to be extra careful and constantly withdraw the profit from your trading account. This way you keep your initial investment. We will return to this issue below.
So, the Hidden EA profitability chart looks like this:

As you can see, this scalper has a clearly defined growth trend in deposit percentages and a small trading drawdown. He was able to earn a 100% profit with a maximum drawdown of around 20%. This is quite an adequate indicator of the profit/risk ratio. But let’s not forget that Hidden EA free Download uses dangerous money management and the maximum drawdown can increase at any moment.
Hidden EA trading strategy is all about scalping market trends. It identifies new waves of trend growth and makes trades in the direction of the future price movement. If quotes move in the wrong direction, EA Hidden Forex Scalper adds new trades to average out the value of the asset. In order to get out of a trading drawdown faster, this trading bot uses martingale. That is, it increases the size of the trading lot for each new transaction. A dangerous system, but it brings a lot of profit. Everyone knows that a trader must always choose – either a lot of profits and big risks or small trading risks, but also small profits. It doesn’t happen otherwise!


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Based on the above, the first condition for using the Hidden Scalping bot is a large leverage of 1:500, which should provide the robot with the opportunity to manage a large margin of your account.
Of course, you need to understand that EA Hidden is a scalper. His trading goals are small – from 5 to 20 points, and the average time to hold trades in the market is only a few hours.
As you can see in the screenshot below, this is a multi-currency scalper that trades on a large number of assets at the same time. Such a system will help you diversify risks as much as possible and smooth out the line of the profitability chart:

How to use Hidden EA free Download correctly?

  • To scalp effectively in the Forex market, you need an account with a narrow spread. For example RAW Spread account from ICMarkets broker.
  • Leverage must be at least 1:500 – this will allow your trading bot to work with a minimum drawdown.
  • Timeframe for installing EA Hidden Forex Scalper – M5
  • The HIDDEN Expert Advisor works around the clock, so the best solution is to rent a Forex VPS (remote desktop) where you can host this scalper and ensure it runs smoothly and turn off your home computer.
  • Minimum deposit to start: 1000$

Our opinion on Forex expert advisor Hidden

This is a stable trading bot whose author uses it on a $146,000 account. This means that this trader trusts his scalper and this allows us to start trusting him too! Follow all the terms of use listed above and Hidden EA free Download will bring you daily income with adequately low risks. We recommend using EA Hidden Forex Scalper with a deposit of no more than 10% of your total funds. And of course – start using this bot on a DEMO account. It will be safe and interesting testing! Good luck!

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