Free Divergence trading robot – EA Willy Forex bot

The free divergence trading robot that will help you make a profit is EA Willy Forex robot. Its cost on the developer’s website is $ 120. On our website, you can download it for free from the link below. Let’s look at its features and how to install this software on the MT4 platform.

Divergence trading robot - EA Willy Forex bot results

So, let’s start with the most important thing, namely, the results of the divergence trading robot-EA Willy Forex bot. As the tests show, this Expert Advisor trades perfectly and earns a stable profit with a small drawdown.

Here are the test results of divergence expert EA Willy Forex bot:

Free Divergency trading robot - EA Willy Forex bot


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Technical characteristics of EA Willy Forex grid robot

  • Timeframe for trading – M15
  • The amount required to start trading is $ 300 or more
  • An asset for trading – any Forex currency pairs (the authors of the Expert Advisor recommend EURUSD)
  • Recommended broker – ICMarkets
  • Trading time-round-the-clock trading
  • The recommended account type is any
  • Recommended leverage: 1: 100 or more
ea willy

How EA Willy Forex divergence expert works

As for the algorithm, this Expert Advisor uses a divergence trading strategy. It looks for discrepancies in the dynamics of technical indicators and the price chart and enters into transactions in the direction of repayment of the resulting divergences. This effective strategy is a classic in the world of trading.

For more effective management of open trading positions, Willy Forex divergence expert uses the tactic of easy averaging, namely, it opens new additional trades if the quotes go against the open direction of trading. On the one hand, this is a dangerous way to manage money. However, EA Willy grid robot uses Stop Loss orders, which cut the loss and prevent the trade drawdown from increasing. Thus, this tactic allows the Expert Advisor to earn several times more than traditional divergence experts.

How to install divergence expert EA Willy?

As for the installation,everything is simple. Download the Expert Advisor at the bottom of this page, unpack the archive and copy the contents of the archive to the root of the MT4 platform directory.
Restart your trading terminal, install divergence expert Willy Forex grid robot on the quote chart (EURUSD currency pair is recommended) on the M15 timeframe, and click auto-trade.

Willy Forex bot EA