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When trading in the financial markets, it is very important to have a deep understanding of the weaknesses and strengths of the strategy, as well as, first of all, yourself. Rest assured, the Free Best Forex software – Drovasek EA strategy works efficiently and profitably. Download this trading robot, run tests and understand that this forex software trading can be included in your portfolio for automatic trading!

A little bit about the Best Forex software Drovasek EA strategy

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Traders often abandon the use of classical indicator systems, focusing on the money management model. This approach is used in all grid strategies, as well as strategies based on averaging. This allows you to at least get rid of a lot of false signals, and as a maximum, almost without any experience in the absence of a clear strategy to consistently earn on the forex market. You will get acquainted with a similar algorithm in this article.

Drovasek EA forex software is an automated trading expert that is based on non-indicator trading. To be more precise, the principle of its operation is based on averaging with elements of grid trading with the use of pending orders.

You can download the file of this free forex software from the link at the bottom of this page!


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This strategy allows you to adapt the expert Advisor to almost any market conditions. Therefore, the Drovasek EA Expert Advisor can be used on almost any currency pair or time frame, provided that it is properly optimized in the historical period.

The key feature of Drovasek EA is a flexible system of grid settings, namely, the trader can configure not general parameters for the entire network, but optimize each averaging knee separately.

Here is the testing schedule of this forex best software. As you can see, the EA trades quite profitably and with a small drawdown. However, do not forget, before installing this Forex software on a real account, you need to test it, check the effectiveness of the demo account and only then install it on a real account!!

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Installing the Drovasek EA Expert Advisor

The forex software trading Drovasek EA indicator-free expert Advisor was purely commercial for a long time, since it could only work after buying a license from the author himself. However, the author of the robot did not get the long-awaited sales, and the project was curtailed.

However, if the developer himself and his salesman site disappeared from the horizon, then the robot completely remained alive and did not lose any interest from many traders.

Since forex software trading Drovasek EA was distributed on commercial terms and was not included in the official MT4 library, it can only be installed according to the standard scheme through the data catalog.

To do this, go to the end of the article and download the robot file, as well as a special library file, thanks to which the robot can work on a real account without a license.

Then you need to reset the downloaded files to the appropriate folders in the data directory, namely the robot itself to a folder called Expert, and the library file to a folder called Libraries. By the way, you can access these folders via the file menu in the open MT4 trading terminal.

After installation, you will need to update the trading terminal. This can be done either by using the additional menu in the navigator panel, or by simply restarting the trading terminal.

After restarting the trading platform, forex best software Drovasek EA will appear in the list of expert Advisors, and in order for it to start trading, simply drag the robot to the chart of the selected currency pair.

The trading strategy of the Drovasek EA forex software

The Drovasek EA forex software uses a completely uncomplicated indicator-free strategy for its trading.

So after drawing it on the chart, the simultaneous opening of positions for buying and selling with the same lot will occur. Then the robot will place one limit pending order with an increased volume for each of the positions.

Averaging and placing pending orders will continue until the forex software goes into profit on the first position of the series, while the second position will constantly bring profit.

So in the Lots variable, you can change the volume of the initial position, and in the Max_Kol_Orders variable, you can limit the maximum number of orders that can participate in the averaging grid.

In the Profit variable, you can specify the profit size for the order grid, and in the Stop_Los variable, the size of the stop order.

The Lot_Koef variable is responsible for the multiplication factor for calculating the lot, if the position starts going against the market. The timestart1 and timestop1 variables allow you to limit the work of the Expert Advisor at a certain time of day.

The Closeprocent variable allows you to automatically close positions when a certain drawdown is reached. The Sunday – Saturday variables allow you to prohibit the forex software trading from working on certain days of the week.

The level2 – level11 variables allow you to adjust the distance between orders for each knee separately, and the profit2 – profit2 variables allow you to change the take profit size for each knee of the averaging grid.

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Testing and optimization

The downloaded version of the forex software trading is professional and involves personal configuration. Therefore, in order to apply the Expert Advisor in practice, the trader must optimize at least the basic parameters, such as the size of the coefficient and the size of the profit.

If the optimal settings are not found, it is necessary to go deeper into optimizing the distance between orders and profits. As an experiment, we performed a similar optimization for the Euro/Dollar currency pair of the hourly time frame for 2020. Test result:

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the Drovasek EA forex best software is a typical grid expert. However, thanks to an extensive range of settings, you can easily choose the optimal parameters depending on your deposit and the maximum allowable drawdown!

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