Forex trader robot – VR SMART GRID LITE

Need a free but good Forex trader robot? Then, pay attention to the VR SMART GRID LITE. It is a reliable networker that effectively increases the size of a trader’s trading account with a clever mathematical strategy. You can download this Forex trader robot for free at the bottom of this page. So, let’s start our review.

Forex trader robot - how does it work?

Effective trading in modern conditions is almost impossible to provide without a clear and structured trading strategy that would fully take into account all possible scenarios.

Naturally, due to the fact that the signals need to be visualized, novice traders choose indicator strategies, since the logic of forex trader robot for them is more understandable.

However, the markets do not stand still and sometimes those indicators that were very effective just ten years ago, now bring solid losses.

This is caused, of course, by the fact that long-term long-term trends practically do not appear on the market.



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That is why today, more than ever, trading methods work, where it is not so important to predict the direction of the trend, such as the famous grid approaches. One of these automatic forex trader robot, based on grid averaging, is presented in this article.

The VR Smart Grid Lite forex trader robot is a new-generation grid trading expert for the MT4 trading terminal, which allows a trader to earn money on all market fluctuations without reference to any trend or trend.

These are the results of the forex trader online bot tests:

It is worth noting that VR Smart Grid Lite is based on the approach of partial closing of the grid, which allows you to significantly reduce the drawdown when trading, and as a result make it more resistant to sharp fluctuating or stable movements in the market, than other grid operators can not actually boast.

The VR Smart Grid Lite forex trader robot can be safely used on absolutely all currency pairs and time frames, which makes it a truly universal robot, provided, of course, that the key parameters are properly configured.

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Advantages of VR Smart Grid Lite:

  1. This forex trader robotworks on any timeframe
  2. This automatic forex trader works with any instruments (Forex, Metalls, Stock, Cryptocurrencies, etc)
  3. Simple open source code
  4. This EA has is able to integrate any trading strategy
  5. EA works in the strategy tester, on demo and on real account (observe and take the risks into account)
  6. Automatically picks up your orders when you restart platform.

How to install VR SMART GRID LITE?

To install this forex trader online, download it at the bottom of this page and copy the contents of the archive to the root directory of MT4 as follows:

Do not forget to restart your platform so that the forex trader robot file appears in the internal menu of your trading platform.

Strategy of VR Smart Grid Lite forex trader robot

VR Smart Grid Lite is based on a very simple and uncomplicated strategy without an indicators. If the forex trader robot fixes a bullish candle, it opens a buy position, and if a bearish one, the EA opens a sell position. When the price starts to go against us, a grid algorithm with elements of averaging by martingale is connected.

As a result, at a given distance at the beginning of each bullish bar, the forex trader will open an additional buy deal with an increased lot, and exactly the same mechanism will work for selling. Innovative here is a certain filter, namely, if the candle closes bearish, although the first trade will be bullish, the automatic forex trader will skip the signals until a bullish candle appears, on which it can average the loss. Thus, the output is not a static averaging grid, but a dynamic one.

So in the Take Profit (in pips) line, you can set the profit size for the grid in points, and in the Start lot variable, the minimum position volume is specified, which will be increased in the future by martingale in case the grid is triggered. The Point order step variable is responsible for the minimum distance between grid orders in points.

The Minimum profit for close grid variable allows you to set the minimum profit value in points, at which the grid can be closed. The Magic Number variable is responsible for the unique code for orders, thanks to which the forex trader robot tracks deals, and the Slippage variable is responsible for limiting the opening of positions in case of large slippage.

As an experiment, we traditionally decided to test the forex trader robot in the strategy tester with default settings in order to determine its potential. The test was conducted on the EURUSD currency pair on the hourly chart for 2020. So, the results of the preliminary test:

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the VR Smart Grid Lite robot is not just a promising, but also a profitable trading expert, since preliminary testing with default settings indicates a huge potential for further optimization.