Forex Gold Investor Review

A great expert advisor for those who like to trade on gold is Forex Gold Investor! Take it – you will never regret it! He knows how to make money and does it safely and efficiently! Read the Forex Gold Investor review – and you will definitely understand that this trading robot is necessary for you!

The Forex Gold Investor strategy is trading on the XAUUSD (gold) trend. The Expert Advisor determines the trend direction of this investment asset and makes deals during new waves of its growth or fall.

At the same time, the Expert Advisor follows the rules of safe trading, namely: it makes no more than 1 transaction at a time, protects all transactions with Stop Loss orders, does not use martingale and other dangerous methods of money management. Accordingly, if you install Forex Gold Investor on your platform, then trading will be safe and with a small drawdown. This is evidenced not only by the advertising slogans of the developers, but also by the Forex Gold Investor MyFxbook monitoring of this expert advisor.

Monitoring of Forex Gold Investor MyFxbook


Forex Gold Investor MyFxbook

Classic Strategy

LIVE account


Forex Gold Investor MyFxbook

Aggressive Strategy

DEMO account


trading robots and additional bonuses after subscribing!

As you can see, the Forex Gold Investor Expert Advisor has three official monitors, namely: monitoring with a classic trading strategy, monitoring with aggressive tactics, and monitoring Forex Gold Investor with the Recovery function enabled. All three monitors show excellent statistics on the growth of profit percentages. Note that the monitoring is not perfectly smooth. However, under any circumstances, they continue to actively climb, like rock climbers, up! So if you want a Forex Gold Investor BUY, then this is a good idea!

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Forex Gold Investor Test Results

Higher, higher and higher-Forex Gold Investor Review shows stable growth results on official monitoring and during testing. See how beautifully the profitability chart is growing! A fairly good profit factor and a small drawdown-the Expert Advisor copes well with its tasks and brings profit to the trader.