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Forex bot trading – how much can you earn?

Everyone who is interested in Forex bot trading asks the question – how much can a forex bot earn? We will describe the capabilities of trading robots, as well as the factors that will affect the profitable forex bot.

forex bot trading how much can you earn

Forex bot trading – what does the profit depend on?

Of course, all traders with the help of automated trading want to make a lot of money. To be more precise, all traders want to earn the maximum amount of profit possible. Let’s describe a few fundamental conditions that will determine your final result in the process of forex bot trading:

The size of your trading capital

The size of your trading account is one of the most important factors that determine your final trading result during forex bot trading. The larger the size of the trading account, the larger the potential profit. The thing is that during trading, the forex bot uses the money in the trading account to make deals. The more money in the trader’s account, the larger the size of the transaction forex bot will be able to conclude. The larger the transaction size – the larger the profit.

So, if you have very little money on your trading account, then the forex trading bot will be able to make micro-transactions and earn micro-profits.
Of course, if you have a small trading capital, then you will have to wait for some time until the Forex bot earns more money and only then you can expect a big profit from it.


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Trading risks

Now, as for the risks of Forex bot trading. At its core, trading in the Forex market and in any other financial market is associated with increased risks. However, all Forex bots are based on trading systems. Some of these systems are more dangerous, some of these systems are less dangerous.
Thus, the trading risks depend on the Forex bot that you have placed on your trading account.

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Another nuance, almost every trading robot uses an automatic money management system. You can set the amount of trading risk yourself. The higher the amount of risk you set, the more profit you will get (because the Expert Advisor will use more money in the account to make each new trade). However, in this case, the size of the risk increases.





If you are afraid to use Expert Advisors that can destroy your capital at lightning speed, then you should know that some trading robots use extremely dangerous money management systems, namely grid techniques and martingale. As a rule, such forex bots do not use the Stop Loss system. Such forex robots are the potential killers of your trading account!!! Watch out! A forex bot that uses the martingale system and does not use Stop Loss can kill your trading account instantly (you will lose completely all the money in your account).

PLEASE NOTE – we do not sell forex bots that use martingale. Thus, you can be sure that buying a Forex bot in our online store, you do not expose your trading capital to increased danger!

How much can you earn with Forex bot trading?

As for the size of the potential profit, with the help of automatic trading, you can earn monthly from 5 to 50% of the profit with relatively small trading risks. In annual terms, this is about 200-600% of the profit!!
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