Forex automated trading bot – Forex Velocity EA

The cost of this system on the developers ‘ website is$ 499 on our website you can download this forex analysis complex completely free of charge (link at the bottom of this page). Accuracy of about 90%, works on any asset, developed for the MT4 platform and fully answers the question – how to analyze the forex market and make a profit. So, download the indicator for free, read how to use it – it’s time to make a profit!!

Strategy of Forex automated trading bot - Forex Velocity EA

So, this forex automated expert is designed for scalping on the M1 timeframe on the GBPUSD currency pair. Its strategy is based on a trend-following algorithm. The robot enters into transactions during the pullback of quotes against the main market movement.
As for the profitability of such a system, the Forex automated trading robot-Forex Velocity EA gives a fairly stable profit, which is confirmed by the official monitoring of this expert Advisor:

Forex automated trading bot - Forex Velocity EA

As you can see, the Forex automated trading bot behaves quite predictably. The profitability chart is quite smooth and easily grows up with a small trading drawdown.


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Technical characteristics of Forex Velocity EA:

  • Timeframe for trading: M1
  • Currency pair to trade: GBPUSD
  • Trading platform: MT4
  • Account type for trading: ECN (RAW Spread)
  • Recommended broker for trading: IC Markets
  • Recommended leverage for trading: from 1: 100 and above
Forex Velocity EA

How to install the forex automated robot Velocity Expert Advisor

At the bottom of this page is a link to download the Forex automated trading bot-Forex Velocity EA. Download the archive and open the root folder of your MT4 platform. After that, Find the “Experts” folder and copy the contents of the archive to it.
Restart the platform and open the chart of the GBPUSD pair quotes with the M1 timeframe.
Drag the Forex automated robot Velocity EA to the quote chart and click the auto trade button. By default, the Expert Advisor is configured to trade on the GBPUSD M1 currency pair, so you do not have to configure it yourself.

We remind you that this is a scalper robot that trades on the M1 timeframe. Therefore, to use it, you will need an account type with an ultra-narrow spread. We recommend using RAWSpread accounts of IC Markets brokerage company for trading. This broker meets the requirements for using this forex automated root Velocity EAU as precisely as possible.

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Money management

Given that this expert Advisor does not use dangerous money management methods, such as grid or martingale, you will need a small deposit of$ 100 or more to start trading.
The yield of this expert Advisor is about 10% per month with minimal risk settings. If you increase your trading risks, the monthly profitability of this Forex automated trading robot will increase proportionally. You can get 20-30% profitability in 1 month!

To increase or decrease trading risks – use the manual settings of this forex automated bot.

However, we warn you – this Expert Advisor is not our development and we can not guarantee that it will work as it is written on the website of its sale. If you want a truly professional trading software, go to the page of our online store. There you will find many excellent expert advisors for automated trading.

Below you can see the test results of the Forex automated trading bot – Forex Velocity EA. As you can see for yourself-this trading robot shows quite good performance with a small trading drawdown:

forex automated

Velocity EA