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Which broker is better to choose?

Recommended brokers

EA ROCKET STATION can work on an account of any ECN broker working without freze-levels and allowing to trade even within a spread. However, we recommend for use a list of broker companies whose trading services we have tested personally:

ICMarkets (Australia). ASIC regulation, leverage 1:500, minimum deposit 200 USD (deposit currencies: USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD, JPY, HKD).

Pepperstone (Australia). ASIC regulation, leverage 1:500, minimum deposit 200 USD (deposit currencies: USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD, JPY, HKD).

TickMill (Seychelles). FSA regulation, leverage 1:500, minimum deposit 25 USD (deposit currency: USD, EUR).

Using ROCKET STATION on ECN accounts of the brokerage companies listed above, you can count on, that your results will be most similar to ours!

Which leverage should I choose?

The optimal leverage for ROCKET STATION is the leverage from 1:100 to 1:500 (better 1:500).

Why do you need the ECN account?

ECN account is mandatory for using ROCKET STATION. Precisely on these accounts brokers provide trading conditions with minimum spread that is necessary for normal operation of our trading robot!

Which account should I choose: with commission or no commission?

For normal operation of ROCKET STATION, an ECN trading account is required. Such accounts traditionally have a commission.

Does ROCKET STATION comply with FIFO requirements?

The automated trading advisor fully meets the FIFO requirements.

Minimum Deposit for trading

To run an Expert Advisor ROCKET STATION requires a minimum Deposit of $ 100 or another currency in the amount of 100 units of the trading account.

How to install ROCKET STATION in a Meta Trader?

Installing the ROCKET STATION in a trading platform

  1. Download to your personal computer folder «MQL4» which you received by email after purchase.
  2. Сopy the «MQL4» folder to the root directory of the MetaTrader 4 platform (Disc «C» → Program Files → root directory Meta Trader 4)
  3. Restart your Meta Trader 4 platform.

How to automatically configure the EA ROCKET STATION?

Installing the advisor on a quotation schedule

After installing ROCKET STATION in the root directory of the platform and restart Meta Trader 4:

Click the «Market Watch» tab and select the currency pairs on which you plan to use ROCKET STATION:

Do not forget that for trading we are recommended currency pairs:

  2. For «Strategy 2»: EURCAD, AUDCAD, GBPAUD, EURAUD (M5 timeframe).

On «Strategy 1» ROCKET STATION works on the M15 timeframe, so set the M15 timeframe for each selected currency pair (if u plan use «Strategy 2», set M5 timeframe):

Open the tab «Navigator» and find trading robot ROCKET STATION in the menu» Expert Advisor»

Drag and drop the ROCKET STATION on the chart of quotations chosen for trading currency pair:


After that, you will automatically open the ROCKET STATOIN settings window. Press the button «Load» and load the corresponding auto-configuration file (set-files) from the directory «Presets».

Setting up an advisor for trading

EA ROCKET STATION must be configured to trade on each of the recommended currency pairs. We have prepared special set-files for you to perform automatic configuration. After installing EA ROCKET STATION (received from us «MQL4» folder) in the root directory of the MetaTrader 4 platform, these set-files will appear in the directory «Presets» of your platform.

Once you have dragged EA ROCKET STATION to the chart of quotations, you will automatically open the EA settings window. Now, you need to click on the Load button to download the set file for automatic configuration. This will take you to the directory where you can select the set-files:

Select the correct folder to configure time-zone of EA AIR MECHANIC. Your choice should depend on what time GMT the platform of your broker is used during the summer time (for example, if the platform of your broker is working in summer time GMT+3, then select the folder SummerGMT+3).

For example, the platforms of all recommended brokers (ICMarkets, Pepperstone or TickMill) work in the summer in timezone GMT+3. Therefore, to configure EA ROCKET STATION on the platforms of these brokers, you must use the folder «ROCKET STATION GMT+3».

IMPORTANT! EA ROCKET STATION has a clear reference to the time of the exchange rollover that cannot be changed when broker switches to winter or summer time. Therefore, in order to exclude errors in the settings of EA in different year time, we chose the unified time standard– “summer time of broker”. This temporary option works both in summer and winter. Thus, when your brokerage company switches to winter or summer time, the time settings of EA ROCKET STATION do not need to be changed!!

Guided by the name of the set files, select the one that corresponds to the name of the currency pair and strategy:


For «Strategy 2» use timeframe M5 and currency pairs: EURCAD, AUDCAD, GBPAUD, EURAUD


Thus, you will automatically configure ROCKET STATION on the selected for trading currency pair.

If you want to use ROCKET STATION on all recommended currency pairs, you need to:

  1. Open all required charts of these currency pairs in the MT4 platform.
  2. Change the timeframe of each quote chart to the M15 timeframe (for Strategy 1) or M5 (for Strategy 2).
  3. Set for each charts EA ROCKET STATION.
  4. To use automatic configuration files the names of which corresponds on the selected currency pair.

How to determine the GMT time of your broker's platform correctly?

GMT time for recommended brokers

Trading platforms of all recommended brokers, namely:

  • ICMarkets
  • Pepperstone
  • TickMill

work in the GMT +3 time zone in the summer time.

GMT time for other brokers

If you have chosen another brokerage company for trading, for a correct definition of GMT summer time by which their trading platform works, contact the selected broker’s support service!

Ask the broker support service the following question: «Hello! What is the GMT time for your platform in the summer?»

Why does ROCKET STATION use the summer time GMT?

While configuring the advisor for real trading and optimizing its algorithm on history, we decided to use the unified time standard — the summer time GMT of broker’s platform.

Do I need to shift the GMT time in the advisor's settings when my broker switches to winter / summer time?

When the broker platform transits to winter or summer time, you don’t need to change settings of the Expert Advisor!

Temporary settings of ROCKET STATION depend on the time of market rollover, which doesn’t change during the transition to winter or summer time. Thus, you don’t need to change the time settings of trading of our expert!

Size of trade risk

Setting of trading lot size

EA ROCKET STATION can trade both Fix-lot and Auto-lot, independently determining the amount of risk in each deal depending on how much Free Equity on your trading account.

  • In order to trade with a fix-lot, in the settings for manual adjustment EA switch for Auto_risk function the value «0.0» and for the function Fix_lot select the required value of the trading lot. The Medium risk level is 0.06 lot for each 1000 units of your trading account.
  • In order to trade with an Auto-lot, in the settings for manual adjustment EA switch for Fix_lot function the «0.0» and for the function Auto_risk select the required risk percentage. The Medium risk level is the value of Auto_risk «3.0».

Fixed amount of risk

ROCKET STATION can trade a fixed lot size. For this:

  1. Set the RISK parameter to «0.0».
  2. Set the Fix-lot parameter to the required value of trading lot. For example: «0.01» or «0.02».

In this case, the Expert Advisor will no longer calculating the size of trading lot automatically, but will be using a trade lot size you specify when making new trades.

Timeframe for trading ROCKET STATION

Which timeframe should I use to apply ROCKET STATION?

ROCKET STATION trades on the M15 (Strategy 1) and M5 (Strategy 2) timeframes.

What trading time does ROCKET STATION has?

ROCKET STATION has flexible time settings, which allows changing manually the time of its active trade. However, in our automatic settings, we set the most optimal time for trading. This is the end of the American- and the beginning of the Asian trading sessions. With such time settings ROCKET STATION trades on our official monitoring.

Warning: if you want your trading result to match our monitoring, do not change the time settings of the robot yourself. If you change the temporary settings yourself, you can significantly worsen the results of trading ROCKET STATION.

ROCKET STATION real trading

Analysis of trading results

As you can personally verify from our official monitoring, which is conducted on a live account, the ROCKET STATION adviser demonstrates positive trading results. However, as you see in the trade of this robot, like any other automatic trading system, there are periods of growth and drawdown of the profitability graph.

The buyer of EA ROCKET STATION must understand that he is not buying a magic enrichment tool that is guaranteed to be profitable every day and every month, but a trading robot that uses a certain trading system that has both periods of growth and periods of trading drawdown. In other words, the trade advisor can receive not only profit, but also a loss.

Of course, our team did everything in order to customize the ROCKET STATION for maximum performance. And by following our recommendations on choosing a broker for trading and configuring ROCKET STATION, a buyer can expect that after every trading drawdown, a profitability graph of the trading expert will update its historical growth peaks.

Conformity of a buyer's trading results and our monitoring

Quotations from different liquidity providers have some difference (including: a length of price candles, a size of spread and an amount of price slip in an execution of transactions). Thus, the trading results of ROCKET STATION from different brokers may also have some differences.

This difference in trading results is not significant for long-term use of ROCKET STATION. However, when comparing the results that ROCKET STATION advisor received from different brokers for a short period, there may be a difference in a number of trades and the result obtained therefrom.

If you will use the brokers recommended by us, for example — ICMarkets broker, in whose real account our advisor trades and which we monitor, you can count on the maximum compliance of your trading results with ours.

On which currency pairs does ROCKET STATION trade?

Expert adviser TURBINE FX trades in 8 currency pairs:


Can I use the adviser on other currency pairs than recommended?

The Advisor ROCKET STATION is optimized for trading only on currency pairs: EURUSD, EURCAD, EURAUD, EURGBP, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY and EURJPY. We selected the listed currency pairs after a long process of testing, optimization on history and checking on the real accounts. On other currency pairs, using ROCKET STATION is undesirable and fraught with loss!

Do I need a VPS to trade ROCKET STATION?

Despite the fact that the active trading time of TURBINE FX is the end of the American — the beginning of the Asian sessions, some trades can be held by the adviser in the market for more than 12 hours. Thus, a trader needs to provide TURBINE FX with round-the-clock and uninterrupted access to the Internet. For such purposes, it is better to rent a VPS server (virtual remote desktop).

What is the required speed of VPS for normal operation of ROCKET STATION?

The lower a ping connection of your trading platform with the broker’s server — the better for the expert advisor’s work. However, ROCKET STATION can demonstrate efficiency at a connection speed of up to 100 ms.

Does ROCKET STATION transfer its trades through the weekend?

The trading algorithm of ROCKET STATION is configured so that the expert adviser doesn’t enter into deals before the weekend and doesn’t transfer open trading positions from Friday to Monday.

Does a user need to interfere with the operation of ROCKET STATION?

ROCKET STATION is a fully automatic trading adviser, which after installing it on account and setting trading parameters can work for many years without the intervention of a trader.

Moreover — it is highly discouraged to interfere with the robot trading, as this, with a greater probability, will reduce the effectiveness of trading ROCKET STATION, than will improve it!

Emergency deactivation of ROCKET STATION

From time to time in the financial market occur events, during which it is recommended to turn off ROCKET STATION.

The list of such events includes:

  • referendums
  • elections
  • other significant political and economic upheavals, on which the state of the financial market depends

In the vast majority of cases, a user can learn about such events in advance from media. In this case, it is advisable to turn off ROCKET STATION 3 days before an important event occurs and turn it on 3 days after an event. In other words – to limit the trading of ROCKET STATION in days of atypical market dynamics and increased volatility.


Payment systems for buying ROCKET STATION

On our website you can buy trading advisers, including ROCKET STATION, through the payment aggregator PaySera (legal payment aggregator, which operates in more than 200 countries), using for payment traditional VISA or MASTER CARD bank cards, PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney and many other popular payment systems.

The order of delivery ROCKET STATION to a buyer

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Package contents of ROCKET STATION

The seller delivers to a buyer’s email address:

  1. The file of trading program ROCKET STATION (file *.ex4)
  2. A set-files for automatic configuration of the trading robot.
  3. Manual for installation, configuration and using of trading expert ROCKET STATION.



All the recommended currency pairs for trading ROCKET STATION show excellent results on a long history. This is confirmed by the results of tests EA ROCKET STATION:

Test GBPUSD fix-lot 2010-2018

Test AUDCAD fix-lot 2010-2018

Test EURAUD fix-lot 2010-2018

Test EURCAD fix-lot 2010-2018

Test EURCHF fix-lot 2010-2018

Test EURGBP fix-lot 2010-2018

Test EURUSD fix-lot 2010-2018

Test GBPAUD fix-lot 2010-2018

Test GBPCAD fix-lot 2010-2018

Test GBPCHF fix-lot 2010-2018

Test USDCAD fix-lot 2010-2018

Test USDCHF fix-lot 2010-2018


If you decide to test EA ROCKET STATION on your own, you need to:

  • To test the EA use M15 timeframe (for Strategy 1) or M5 timeframe (for Strategy 2).
  • To test, use method «Every tick».
  • Set the real market ECN spread.
  • Load the history of quotes in MT4 strategy tester for every curencies pairs.


Supply of ROCKET STATION updates to customers

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The delivery package of ROCKET STATION updated versions

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What is a trading license?

Why do I need a trade license?

A trading license is a tool for linking a trading robot to a specific account number of a user. Thus, by purchasing ROCKET STATION with one trade license, you can use this trading robot only on one particular account.

How does ROCKET STATION bind to a user's trading account?

The binding of the trading robot to a specific trading account number is carried out by a seller after receiving from a buyer a 100% payment of the value of the trade adviser.

After payment of the product, the buyer receives an email with his request for the trading account number to be attached to his mailbox for binding ROCKET STATION.

After receiving information from a buyer with specified number of his trading account, a seller programs the Advisor in such a way that he can trade only at a buyer’s specified trading account. After that, a seller sends a buyer a complete package of delivery of the trading robot (including: a file of the trading program, a set of files for automatic robot configuring, a manual on installation, configuration and using of the adviser).

Can I change my trading account in license?

A buyer has a right to a single change of his trading account number in the license to use the trading robot ROCKET STATION.

To change the account number:

  • send a request to our support mail to change your trading account with a new number you want to add to the license.

On which platform does ROCKET STATION work?

Supported types of trading platforms

Currently, ROCKET STATION operates on the Meta Trader 4 platform — the world’s most widely used platform for trading in the Forex market.

Other trading platforms

In the future, we will create a version of ROCKET STATION for trading on the Meta Trader 5 platform. At the same time, all buyers who purchased ROCKET STATION earlier will receive a copy of the robot for MT5 completely free!

Refund Policy

Transparency of monitoring and sales system of our company

Our team carries out its work using the principles of transparency, honesty and professionalism. Thus, all the information and recommendations on this website have formed, so that each user of our products can get maximum trading results with minimal risks.

Reasons for refund

You have 14 days to evaluate the quality <br> of our Expert Advisor and return your money back!

The reason for a buyer’s refund is the discrepancy of our product with the information that is stated on the website of its sale, that is — on this site.

At the same time, a buyer’s refund request will be not satisfied:

  • If a buyer, due to his own subjective or objective circumstances that don’t depend on the actions of the seller, has changed his mind about using the trading adviser ROCKET STATION.
  • If a buyer is not satisfied with the robot’s trading results.

Commission of payment systems

When returning funds to a buyer, the seller returns the entire amount previously received from a buyer, minus the commission of a payment system.