Expert Forex trading – MG PRO EA

MG PRO EA is a modern Expert Forex trading, which combines the strategy of trading on a market trend and the elements of averaging with martingale. Yes, this trading expert advisors is dangerous for the trading account because it uses dangerous money management techniques. However, this robot is able to earn about 50% in a month and until it destroys your trading account, it will earn 300-500% of the profit. In simple words-it is enough to withdraw the profit every month from the account and you will significantly protect your capital. You can download this expert forex trading robot at the end of this page for free!

Results of expert Forex trading – MG PRO EA

Just note that trading expert advisors MG PRO EA is not our development. This is a hacked commercial expert Advisor that is sold on the developer’s website for $ 450. On our website you can download it for free! However, we are not responsible for the correctness, profitability and safety of its operation.
On the developer’s website, there is monitoring, according to which the MG PRO EA Expert Advisor trades quite quickly and earns a profit:

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As you can see, the profitability chart of this expert Forex trading-MG PRO EA is quite smooth. As a minimum deposit to start trading, the developers used a small amount of $ 1000. The trading drawdown of the deposit equity, according to monitoring, reached 20% at the peak. This is a small percentage of drawdown, given that the robot uses a grid and martingale system for trading.


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As mentioned above, this expert Forex trading-MG PRO EA will destroy your trading account sooner or later. However, until this point, the robot must have time to increase the deposit amount several times, and the trader must have time to withdraw the profit from the trading account several times.

Minimum parameters for the start:

  • Minimum balance – 500$
  • Currency pairs for trading: AUDCAD, USDCAD, CADCHF, EURUSD, NZDCAD,
  • Timeframe for trading: M5
  • Type account for trading: ECN (RAW spread).

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Installing and configuring trading expert MG PRO EA

At the bottom of this page, you can download trading expert advisors MG PRO EA. Unpack the downloaded archive and copy its contents to the root directory of the MT4 platform. After that, restart the platform.

Open the chart windows of the AUDCAD, USDCAD, CADCHF, EURUSD, and NZDCAD currency pairs and set the M5 timeframe for them. Drag Expert Forex trading MG PRO EA to each quote chart.
The Expert Advisor trades around the clock, so if you do not want to keep your trading platform running around the clock, it is better to rent a VPS server to use it.

Money management trading expert advisors MG PRO EA

We noted this important point above – Expert Forex trading-MG PRO EA uses dangerous methods of money management, namely grider tactics and martingale. Accordingly, for the proper management of this trading expert advisors, it is necessary to have a clear control on the part of the trader. Here are some tips to help you use Expert Forex trading robot MG PRO EA as efficiently and safely as possible:
Test MG PRO EA on various parts of the history of quotes offered for trading currency pairs. Thus, you should clearly understand how much money this expert needs in the account to trade. The developer recommends $ 500. However, you should make sure of this.

Withdraw the profit every time the amount of capital in the account has doubled. In this case, after the first withdrawal of funds from the account, you will take back the amount of the initial deposit, and all that the adviser will earn in the future will be your net profit. By the way, all that the adviser will earn in the future, it is also necessary to withdraw from the account in time. Thus, you will significantly reduce the risks of losing the profit that the Expert Advisor earned earlier.