Expert advisor in Forex – why do I need it?

If you are not aware, today more than 60% of trading operations in the financial market are carried out automatically, that is, with the help of special software. Let’s look at what an expert advisor in forex is and why you need it. We promise that after reading this article to the end, you will clearly understand what you need to do to get an automatic profit on the Forex market!

Expert advisor in Forex – what is it?

So, expert advisor in forex is a special software that works on the basis of the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms. Expert advisor in forex is often called trading robots. Although at its core, these are ordinary programs that are installed inside the platform and trade completely automatically.

So, you install the forex expert advisor robot in the trading platform and it trades automatically without your help. The robot trades, and you relax or go about your usual business… at this time, the amount of money in your trading account increases. That is, the Forex trading robot automatically enters into transactions and makes a profit. In the video below, you can see how your trading capital can grow if expert advisor in forex is running on your platform.

The video above demonstrates what trading results expert advisor in forex EA SCALPING STATION can get.


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Forex expert advisor robot – how does it work?

So, with the help of a special code, you can transform any trading system for manual trading into an automatic system.

Usually, this is how best forex expert advisor appears. First, the trader creates a manual trading system that can bring a stable profit, and then the programmer transforms this system into an automatic trading algorithm.

If you have a question, why do automatic trading robots, if you can trade manually and also make a profit. It’s simple! forex expert advisor robot is needed because:

  • trading robots can work around the clock without fatigue and interruptions
  • expert advisor in forex never makes mistakes and always follows the rules of the trading system 100% correctly
  • mt5 / mt4 expert advisors-work instantly, without delays.

Moreover, manual trading systems can only bring profit to those who have experience in trading. While everyone can use expert advisor in forex, even beginners who have no experience in trading at all!!

For example, below you can see how THE ROCKET forex expert advisor robot works. It is based on a profitable manual trading system in the Bollinger channel. This system was used when writing the code of the trading robot THE ROCKET. Now anyone can put this robot on their trading platform and get this result:

Best broker for MT5/MT4 expert advisors

If you are a novice trader and do not yet understand where you can get the MT4 or MT5 trading platform for automatic trading, then we will answer your question. The best broker for automated trading is ICMarkets!

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Best forex expert advisor 2021 – how much can I earn?!?

Of course, every novice trader, before putting a trading robot on their platform, asks the question – how much can you earn!?
As practice shows, expert advisor in forex can get about 5-50% profit in 1 month! In annual terms, this is about 400-700% of the profit. That is, you can increase the size of your capital by 4-7 times in just 1 year!!

The video above demonstrates the work of one of our best expert advisor in Forex – EA AnglerFish.