Dow Jones Predictor MT5 New SCAM on MQL5

Dow Jones Predictor MT5 – new SCAM on MQL5

Dow Jones Predictor MT5 is a highly skilled trading software built on a continuously running algorithm that has demonstrated positive and consistent results since 1998. It is specifically designed for the spot CFD trading of the Dow Jones Industrial Average US Stock Market Index (US30). This algorithm incorporates various indicators such as Price Cyclicality, Relative Cyclicality, Adaptive Cyclicality, Compound Cyclicality, Volume Cyclicality, Price Prediction Line, Price Cyclicality Line, Smoothed Heikin Ashi, Relative Smoothed Heikin Ashi, Relative Momentum, Order Blocks, and Price Action Line.


Information from the developer Dow Jones Predictor MT5

The expert advisor Dow Jones Predictor comprises a collection of 30 original trading strategies, which are implemented sequentially based on prevailing market conditions. It operates through two execution lines: the primary line triggered by price action and a secondary line that adds positions at more favorable prices. The default settings have been optimized for optimal performance. Each trade is safeguarded by a specific stop-loss mechanism.
Users have the flexibility to define the level of risk allocation and implement capital exposure protection, particularly when utilizing multiple experts within the same capital account. Detailed explanations of the included algorithms can be found here. The development of the Dow Jones Predictor algorithm began in April 1998 on an open-source server environment. In 2010, it was adapted for Dow Jones Predictor MT4, and in 2022, it was successfully converted for Dow Jones Predictor MT5, yielding improved results. Notably, there were no significant discrepancies between backtest results and actual trading outcomes in real money accounts.

ea dow-jones-predictor-mt5

EA Dow Jones Predictor MT5 - Strategy Tester Results

As for the strategy tester, we see excellent results. Everything is as usual – you put an expert advisor on your platform, turn on the strategy tester and run the test. The plot from 2010 to 2023, this adviser is simple and very excellent. And you begin to believe that the EA Dow Jones Predictor MT5 trading robot can really trade profitably…

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But pay attention – as a rule, the results in the strategy tester and the results on a real trading account are completely different trading results. And do not think that EA Dow Jones is not concerned. Of course, if you see excellent tests in the strategy tester, then you imagine that all this can be traded on your account and bring the same profit…. and you immediately go to buy this Expert Advisor. However, first of all, everything should happen differently. When you see that the Expert Advisor is making a profit, you should go to the developer account and see the real trading monitoring of this Expert Advisor.

Dow Jones Predictor EA - real results on a trading account

So, let’s go to the EA Dow Jones Predictor developer account and see that there is no monitoring of this Expert Advisor.
Unclear. If EA Dow Jones works so well and gives such a big profit, then why is it not used on a real account?!? And all because the Dow Jones Predictor MT5 in reality does not give such a profit, as the author claims and as the strategy tester shows. Everything is simple!


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Our opinion on MT5/MT4 Dow Jones Predictor EA

So, our vast experience suggests that if an expert advisor is sold on MQL5 and the author of this advisor does not monitor real trading, then this Forex trading bot is a “dummy”, or maybe a SCAM.
Everything is logical! If it is profitable, then the author of the trading bot will first of all put it on his real account and will earn on his own. If this does not happen and the developer does not trade personally, then there is a huge suspicion, which in 99% of cases is justified.

Note that the Dow Jones Predictor MT5 price is $5000 (at the time of writing this review). This is a huge amount of money that the author of the Expert Advisor suggests you spend on a product whose profitability is not confirmed by anything. The test scores are a theory and most likely have nothing to do with the actual results. Walk by and don’t even think about buying it! Dow Jones Predictor MT5 most likely SCAM!

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