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Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download

An incomprehensible name and incomprehensible monitoring on MyFxbook is the first impression of Dead Zone Scalper EA, which you can download for free on our website. Let’s make a review of EA Dead Zone Scalper in order to properly understand how this software can be useful for you and whether this Forex robot can make a profit.

Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download

EA Dead Zone Scalper review

So, the first thing we did was to find the Dead Zone Scalper Myfxbook monitoring, on which this Expert Advisor shows very incomprehensible trading dynamics. For two years it worked smoothly and with a small trading drawdown, and then it began to show aggressive up and down jumps:

Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download

According to the descriptions of the developer of this Forex trading software, Dead Zone Scalper EA only works on the EURUSD currency pair. Timeframe for trading, you can choose M1 or M5 or M15. In general, the choice of timeframe does not particularly affect the trading results of an Expert Advisor.
At the same time, according to Dead Zone Scalper Myfxbook monitoring, we can see that this Expert Advisor works around the clock:

The round-the-clock work of an adviser is not an indicator of its effectiveness. There are many examples where trading bots that work only 2-3 hours a day (for example, THE ROCKET EA) can bring in significantly more income than Expert Advisors that work around the clock.
Also, we see that the author of the Forex bot Dead Zone Scalper tried to use this robot on many other assets. Although in fact it can be seen that this robot brings real stable profitability only on EURUSD:

EA Dead Zone Scalper review

But the most important thing that speaks about the more or less security of this trading bot is the absence of dangerous money management algorithms (grid or martingale) in it. This bot uses Stop Loss orders, which will protect you from big losses as much as possible! It will be very valuable and useful for you if you decide to use Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download.
This is what this trading bot shows in the strategy tester of the MetaTrader4 platform:

Forex bot Dead Zone Scalper

How to Use Dead Zone Scalper Properly EA FREE Download

  • For scalping, you need a trading account with an ultra-narrow spread. You can find this type of account with ICMarkets broker (RAW spread account type).
  • Leverage is suitable from 1:100 and above
  • Asset for trading EURUSD
  • Timeframe for trading – М15
  • MetaTrader 4 trading platform – you can find such a platform on the website of any forex broker (this is the most popular trading platform).
  • The minimum capital to start trading is $200.
  • Considering that trading is carried out around the clock, you need to rent a VPS server where you can host your MT4 platform remotely and provide the adviser with the ability to trade uninterruptedly around the clock.

If you fulfill all of the above conditions, then Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download will bring you about the same profit as on monitoring. That is, to steadily increase the size of your deposit without a large trading drawdown.

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Our opinion on Dead Zone Scalper EA

Of course, you can find much better Forex trading experts. Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download is not ideal. However, the point of creating a trading portfolio (which contains 5-10 different Expert Advisors) is to collect stable profitable bots and diversify trading results as much as possible. In this case, if one expert receives losses, then all the others cover them and you still (in most cases) get a profit.
Of course, if you follow the Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download link, then first install this expert on a demo account. The minimum testing period is 2 months. Do not worry and do not be afraid to lose time for tests. It is better to spend a couple of months for testing than to kill your trading account within 1-2 days! You yourself understand this, although not everyone follows this rule.
So, take Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download and test this bot. Most likely it will be a good addition to your trading portfolio!

Dead Zone Scalper EA FREE Download

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