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Cyrus EA For FREE Download

You can be skeptical about Asian scalpers, but Cyrus EA For FREE Download shows, how effective trading just a few hours a day can be. You can download this robot in our RoboBase (the form for getting the link is at the bottom of the page). Let’s do an EA Cyrus review so that everyone understands the benefits and disadvantages of this Night Scalper.

Cyrus EA For FREE Download

Asian Scalper Cyrus EA MyFxbook review

So, we see the profitability chart of a trading robot that works during the Asian session and trades 2-3 hours a day:

Cyrus EA

Yes, we can see that this trading bot is now coming out of a drawdown. However, before this drawdown, there was a very rapid growth zone, thanks to which Night Scalper Cyrus managed to bring a profit of 379% within several months (from May to October 2022). The trading drawdown is about 30%. And this is quite an acceptable drawdown for such a rapid growth of capital.

This trading bot was able to increase the initial deposit from $500 to $2395 in a few months. At its peak, it reached 529%. However, due to the high volatility in the market during the Asian session (due to the turbulence in the financial market at the end of 2022), we lost some capital. It happens. Now we see that the Cyrus EA trading robot is recovering from the drawdown and has started to raise its profitability chart again. And you can see the trading statistics on a monthly basis. Nothing supernatural happened. It’s just that an expert advisor in September received a loss of only -2%. Looks pretty good:

The average time of holding transactions in the market is 1-2 hours. This is not high frequency trading. This is a classic scalping during the Asian session, when the quotes of most assets in the financial market are in a horizontal flat. This state of the market is observed only 2-3 hours. 2 hours before rollover and 1-2 hours after rollover. It is at this time that the Asian Scalper Cyrus EA works.

There are 11 assets in the trading portfolio of this robot. Most of them are majors and cross courses. You can see the list of these assets in the picture below:

And the best news is that this Expert Advisor does not use dangerous strategies (grid and martingale), it always uses Stop Loss and this is a guarantee that you will not be able to lose all your capital at once!

How to Use Cyrus EA For FREE Download Properly

Most importantly, you need an account with an ultra-narrow spread. For example RAW ICMarkets.

  • Leverage can be any – from 1:30 and above. Of course, the higher the leverage, the more profit you can make. We recommend using 1:500.
  • Timeframe for trading: M5
  • Time to trade: start of the Asian session
  • Of course, you will need a VPS to install the platform and provide it with 24/7 Internet access (keep your home computer on all the time is a bad option).
  • The minimum deposit to start is $100 or more.
  • We advise you to start testing this bot on an account with a minimum deposit, because the monitoring is carried out on a demo account, and we are not sure that this Night Scalper is also capable of trading on a real account.

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Our opinion on Asian Scalper Cyrus EA

Let’s not argue, this Expert Advisor cannot perform the only way to make a profit in the Forex market. However, it may well become part of your trading portfolio. Entrust him with 10-20% of your capital and let him earn you a stable profit every month. About 20% you will have monthly growth and this is a great diversification of your portfolio!

Of course, you need to have a trading account with a narrow spread, such as ECN. Because scalping on a classic account is impossible. ICMarkets broker will provide you with a narrow spread. Also in this brokerage you can use a large leverage of 1:500. And that’s all you need to use Cyrus EA For FREE Download. Do not forget that for the first week or two you need to test the trading robot on a demo. Next – go to a real account with a small capital, and then put this Night Scalper on an account with a large amount of funds. We wish you good luck!

Cyrus EA For FREE Download

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